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An online post claiming that BlackRock filed for an XRP spot ETF has created real drama in the media. After the news, XRP’s price jumped over 12% in about 20 minutes. However, more than $7 million was lost by futures traders in one day after BlackRock refuted the claims – which were carefully crafted and launched on Twitter (X) by someone who impersonated the managing director. 

In light of the fake claims, it is clearer than ever that you must do your due diligence before risking your hard-earned cash. Read on why you should consider BorroeFinance ($ROE) instead – the audited peer-to-peer lending platform, BorroeFinance, is one of the best cryptos to buy now following its recent audit and hitting a new milestone. 


BorroeFinance Hits New High

BorroeFinance ($ROE), one of the newest contenders in the crypto space, continues attracting investors with its revolutionary approach to Web3 funding. Recently hitting the milestone of raising over $1.5 million in capital, the crypto project is the first AI marketplace that provides quick, secure, and low-cost loans to Web3 industry businesses.

More specifically, on the BorroeFinance platform, users can apply for loans and receive capital within hours. Web3 businesses can use future revenues, such as royalty fees or subscriptions, to mint NFTs. These NFTs are then funded by investors on the BorroeFinance platform and kept until maturity or traded in the secondary market.

BorroeFinance essentially meets the unique needs of Web3 businesses, such as online content creators, while eliminating the bottlenecks of traditional financing institutions, such as complex paperwork, high costs, and transparency. 

In addition, the BorroeFinance platform has gained investor interest and confidence thanks to the focus on security and safety. Apart from being audited by a leading blockchain security firm, BorroeFinance uses AI risk assessment and blockchain technology to ensure the security and straightforwardness of the fundraising process. 

BorroeFinance is not only revolutionary for content creators and other Web3 businesses, but also for investors and crypto enthusiasts. Apart from being able to fund brands you know and use, the NFT marketplace will provide access to some of the hottest top NFTs to buy that provide higher returns than many traditional assets. 

With many real-world use cases and utility, the platform’s ERC20 coins, $ROE, have already made waves in the crypto world. The token is currently in Stage 2 of the presale, priced at only $0.015. The presale is well thought-out, with incremental price increases in each stage, until it reaches an expected price of $0.04 at the time of the big launch, marking a 220% increase from the current one. 

BlackRock Refutes Claims of Filing for XRP Spot ETF

The rumors of BlackRock filing for an XRP spot ETF made the price jump by 12% in a matter of minutes, from about $0.65 to $0.73. However, these gains were quickly erased as BlackRock refuted the claims. 

Futures traders lost over $7 million in just one day following the false information. At press time, XRP price is just above $0.60, although BlackRock does remain focused on its other ETF filings, namely for Bitcoin and Ethereum, confirming the asset manager’s ongoing interest in the crypto space. 


The crypto world is as risky as it is rewarding. With false news like BlackRock’s new XRP ETF, it’s wise to be extra critical before putting your hard-earned cash at risk.

You should always make sure you are well informed before making a purchase. For instance, BorroeFinance ($ROE) has a thorough whitepaper and is already audited to reinforce investor confidence and peace of mind.

BorroeFinance is fueling a Web3 revolution – to be part of it, buy your $ROE tokens today via debit or credit card or mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as BTC or ETH. 

Learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) here:

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