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Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has recently captured the attention of investors with an exciting prediction regarding XRP. The focal point of his forecast is a bullish reading from the Tom DeMark (TD) Sequential indicator, signaling a turning point for XRP.  

Analysts See Big Rally of XRP Ahead

Ali Martinez, a well-respected figure in the crypto analysis realm, is putting XRP on the radar for a possible rally. His forecast hinges on a growing optimism among the significant institutional players, signaling a potential bullish movement.

Meanwhile, Martinez’s analysis, emphasizes that the Tom DeMark (TD) Sequential indicator is giving off a bullish reading for XRP. The TD Sequential indicator aims to identify turning points in a market with a value of nine signaling a possible trend reversal.

According to Martinez,

“The TD Sequential shows a buy signal on the XRP four-hour chart, which could trigger a rebound to $0.63 or even $0.67!”

What sets this analysis apart is the spotlight on institutional interest. The growing attention from major investors suggests a potential shift in how XRP is perceived within the broader financial landscape.

Whales Activity Increased 

Martinez is closely monitoring XRP whale activities. According to the analyst, XRP whales have come back to life and are accumulating the altcoin under the radar.

“Despite XRP’s 18% price drop over the past 10 days, there’s a notable uptick in whale transactions and their holdings. This growing interest from major players could be a precursor to an XRP price rebound.”

Adding to the analysis, cryptocurrency analyst Martinez highlighted the achievement of Litecoin (LTC), which registered one million LTC transactions on November 14 alone, marking a new all-time high.

Meanwhile, Ali Martinez’s forecast introduces an intriguing dimension to the ongoing XRP narrative. Anticipating a rally and with increasing interest from major investors, XRP is poised for a period of scrutiny. 

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