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BEFE, a rival of PEPE coin, has surged by 35% in the past 24 hours after being listed on Coinmarketcap. This sudden surge has sparked excitement among crypto enthusiasts and investors who had previously lost hope for a bullish rally. The bullish rally has underscored BEFE’s worth and dominance, proving that every coin holds the potential for a stunning comeback.

PEPE Coin rival, BEFE is the ultimate meme coin that doesn’t need any gimmicks or taxes. It’s based on the most iconic meme of all time, the troll face. Unlike PEPE Coin, BEFE is original and hilarious. You can get BEFE by staking Bitgert’s BRISE, the token that rewards you for being a troll. BEFE is not just a coin, it’s a lifestyle. 

The sudden surge in BEFE’s price is due to more crypto investors joining the BEFE ecosystem. Etherscan data reveals a growing number of token holders, now exceeding 120K. BEFE has witnessed a substantial increase in its trading volume, hitting a noteworthy $282,496.55. This spike has led to an extraordinary 35% growth in the value of BEFE in the last 24 hours.

Regarding PEPE coin as a potential rival to BEFE, it’s important to note that the landscape has shifted. PEPE coin, once considered a contender, now stands distinctively apart. Its dated framework lacks the robust capabilities and vibrant community inherent in it . Regarded primarily as a meme coin, PEPE coin fails to offer tangible value or practical utility, predominantly serving as a source for online humor and jest. 

In contrast to PEPE Coin’s utility, BEFE represents a substantive undertaking marked by innovation and viability. It embodies the future landscape, while PEPE coin remains confined to a more lighthearted and ephemeral role within the crypto sphere.

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