The Acardex Defi platform has begun token sales to develop the world’s largest decentralized exchange and cross-chain NFT marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain. The Acardex platform enables users to transfer native tokens and NFTs from other Blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain efficiently and seamlessly.

Acardex functionalities

When users join liquidity pools, Acardex allows them to become a liquidity provider on the Cardano Blockchain using the AMM protocol and generate passive revenue by collecting fees on “ADA — Cardano Native Tokens pairs.” Acardex’s development team is also developing a native assets lending protocol, which will allow users to obtain loans and pool assets for usage in various DeFi applications. The native token for the Acardex network will be $ACX, with a total quantity of 1,000,000,000 ACX.

$ACX Token Use Cases

Examples of Acardex use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • ADA may be exchanged for other Cardano Native Tokens.
  • Ability to vote and participate in the platform’s governance
  • Swap and slippage charges, for example, can be paid.
  • Participation in Acardex’s NFT decentralized marketplace, which is open and accessible to all. (Will be launched in Q3 this year.)
  • Early adopters of the Acardex token will have exclusive access to NFT Drops, be able to list their NFTs, establish a price, and sell their assets on its marketplace.

ACX Token Seed-Sale Details

1 ACX = 0.00125 ADA
1 ADA = 800 ACX
Minimum Buy: 300 ADA
Maximum Buy: 30,000

Users should only utilize Cardano native wallets like Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Nami Wallet, or Adalite Wallet to participate in the ongoing $ACX Seed-Sale. A complete guideline on participating in the ACX Seed-Sale will be made available. Users should keep in mind that they may only engage in the Seed-Sale via the website:

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