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Charles Gasparino, a senior correspondent for Fox Business, has sparked controversy with his remarks about the recent legal decision involving Ripple. Contrary to the popular narrative that Ripple emerged victorious in its lawsuit against the SEC, Gasparino has labeled the verdict, which found that XRP is not a security, as “idiotic.”

He criticized the decision, suggesting it was absurd and mocking how the legal community perceived it. This stance appears to challenge the conventional understanding of how new digital currencies fit within existing securities law.

In response to this situation, Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, has been vocal in his criticism of SEC Chair Gary Gensler. Alderoty drew a parallel between Gensler and Colonel Nathan Roy Jessup, a character from Aaron Sorkin’s famous play “A Few Good Men.” He highlighted Gensler’s past and present actions in court, during news interviews, and in parliamentary settings.

Alderoty’s critique of the SEC under Gensler’s leadership includes accusations of becoming irrelevant internationally, being rebuked by the government’s internal auditor, concealing information about meetings with a felon, and engaging in questionable behavior as judged by the courts.

Community Reaction to Gasparino’s Comments

Gasparino’s comments have not been well-received by the XRP community. His choice of words, particularly describing the judge’s decision as ‘idiotic’ and a ‘laugh of the southern district,’ was seen as unprofessional and emotionally charged. Prominent figures in the crypto law sphere echo this sentiment. For instance, renowned crypto lawyer Bill Morgan has defended the legal soundness of the verdict, and CryptoLaw, an advocacy group, supports the decision, arguing that most XRP transactions do not qualify as securities.

Gasparino’s blunt critique of the Ripple verdict has stirred a significant reaction, highlighting the ongoing debate and complexity surrounding regulating cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Ripple’s legal team challenges the SEC’s approach, framing it increasingly out of touch with the evolving digital currency landscape.

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