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  • Stellar’s stablecoin partnership with Circle has failed to stop its recent price volatility.
  • Maker (MKR) has fallen below the crucial $1500 mark despite its high network activity in the past few months.
  • NuggetRush’s (NUGX) mining adventure game could become a top rival to major play-to-earn networks.

Despite the general market bullishness, Stellar’s (XLM) market performance is marred by volatility. Yet, excitement over its EURC stablecoin partnership remains high. MakerDAO has also fallen below $1500, leading investors to wonder whether MKR’s rally is over. 

One project generating great interest is NuggetRush – a mining P2E adventure game that offers high gaming rewards. Investors have purchased over 35 million NUGX tokens, but can this make it a top ICO? Let’s discuss.

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NuggetRush NFTs Expected to Challenge Top NFT Projects

NuggetRush (NUGX) will launch an innovative adventure game with the best of artisanal mining and bountiful rewards. 

The game involves searching for mineral resources and excavating them with the help of artisanal mining NFT characters. Users will start with basic machinery. However, they can upgrade machinery or purchase better equipment as they go along.

NuggetRush aims to recreate the mining experience. 

Players will set up shafts, dig tunnels, and employ soil sampling techniques. They will also engage in challenges, ranked play, and even battles. Players receive in-game money, equipment, or NFTs for completing their mining challenges. 

The rarity of NuggetRush NFTs contributes to their financial value. Players can trade these NFTs over its marketplace. Furthermore, players can upgrade their NFTs before selling to increase their value. 

There are also special NuggetRush NFTs that can be traded for real gold. These NFTs are called RUSHGEMS. Better still, NuggetRush has arranged partnerships to ensure the safe delivery of gold rewards to users.

Few projects can match NuggetRush’s avenues to building wealth. Analysts agree that its soaring popularity over most new ICOs is due to its unique services. Already, NUGX is becoming an investor favourite. Its blockchain ICO has sold over 35 million presale tokens, and $350,000 has been raised. 

NUGX is now in round two of its presale. Its value stands at $0.012, rising by 20% from its round one price of $0.010. By round three, NUGX will grow by 8.3% to $0.013. As its value keeps rising, more investors will join the project. However, NUGX will be listed when it reaches $0.020.

Stellar (XLM) Remains Volatile After Stablecoin Partnership with Circle

On September 26, 2023, Circle announced the launch of its EURC stablecoin on Stellar. The partnership is part of Stellar’s plans to rival fellow payment giant XRP. Stellar (XLM) would join Ethereum and Avalanche as the only networks to offer the EURC stablecoin.

Although the stablecoin partnership caused excitement within Stellar’s community, XLM’s value has been volatile. XLM traded at $0.111 on September 26. By October 18, XLM had fallen by 7.2% to $0.103. However, XLM went bullish, rising by 22.3% to $0.126 by November 12. 

XLM’s volatility has shocked Stellar’s community, which expected its value to rise after the stablecoin partnership. Analysts say Stellar’s (XLM) European customer base might increase following its EURC partnership. Still, they conclude that XLM could drop by 6.3% to $0.118 due to its current price volatility.

Maker (MKR) Falls Below $1500 

Maker’s (MKR) popularity in the past few months declined, leading to a price fall in early November. Due to high DeFi activity, Maker has become one of the most popular blockchains. Its DAI stablecoin activity in 2023 contributed to an annualized revenue all-time high of $203 million.

MKR had skyrocketed as Maker’s DeFi activity rose, leading it to trade at $1,481 on October 1. Yet, by November 1, MKR had fallen by 9.6% to $1,338. Despite the rising bullish sentiments in the crypto market, MKR fell by 3.8% to $1,286 by November 12.

Analysts pin MakerDAO’s fall on the declining popularity of the DAI savings protocol. Some experts say DAI savings interest rates are no longer as attractive to many investors, leading to declining investor sentiment on Maker. 

Yet, Maker (MKR) could make a strong comeback, given the ongoing bullishness in the crypto market. Current bullishness could see MKR rise by 16.0% to $1,492 by early 2024.

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