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Copytrading is a popular feature on many exchanges and platforms that enthusiasts utilize in order to potentially maximize the performance of their portfolio. Choosing which cryptos to copytrade can be difficult, and as a result, they tend to look at expert traders to make the right decision. 

Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies chosen include Polygon (MATIC), Ripple (XRP), and Everlodge (ELDG). We will go over the on-chart data for each crypto to see how far they can spike. 


  • Polygon can rise to $2.25 based on analyst projection
  • Ripple to climb as high as $0.95 at the start of 2024
  • Everlodge to see an upswing of 40x following its launch

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Polygon (MATIC) Is Chosen As It Can Spike to $2.25

Polygon (MATIC) might soon experience explosive growth based on an analysis by Dave the Wave, who has over 143,000 followers on X, formerly Twitter. According to the analyst, this Layer-2 scaling solution will soon enter an uptrend, and this is backed up by solid on-chart performance. 

Based on the latest data, the Polygon crypto could soon surge by having a similar pattern against BTC. This could lead to an increase of around 200%. During the previous month, the overall price upswing for Polygon was by 72.6%, showcasing impressive growth. Then, during the past week, it went up from $0.78 to $0.95. This puts the Polygon price prediction at $2.25. 

Ripple (XRP) is also at a major uptrend and could soon reach new heights. Based on the current market data, the Ripple crypto increased by 28.5% in the past month and 67.8% in the past year. 

During the past week, the Ripple price saw an upswing from $0.618052 to a maximum value of $0.698456. The current market cap for the project is $33,727,940,466, placing it as the fifth largest in the industry. Based on the Ripple price prediction, it can spike to $0.95 by the start of Q1 2024.

Everlodge (ELDG) Is Picked As It Can Surge by 50x

While projections for Polygon and Ripple are bullish, another crypto can offer even more returns, and that’s Everlodge.

The key feature behind this upcoming platform is the usage of NFT technology and fractionalization. The goal of the platform is to integrate NFTs that represent shares of properties. 

These will then be split into smaller pieces through fractionalization, enabling anyone the opportunity to buy them starting with as little as $100. This would enable far more people access to the $280 trillion dollar market, so they can co-own high-end real estate properties.

Everlodge will also feature a Rewards Club, through which anyone can get free nightly stays or re-sell them in secondary markets for additional capital gains. During Stage 7, the ELDG crypto is offered at $0.025. At launch, analysts project a climb of 50x. 

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