Three Arrows Capital (3AC) co-founder Kyle Davies has once again made headlines, this time for his reported presence in Bali. The sighting comes as Davies continues to navigate legal troubles stemming from the collapse of the defunct hedge fund, 3AC.

Bali Encounter and Anonymous Source

An anonymous source recently shared exclusive images, allegedly capturing Davies enjoying time at the Milk and Madu cafe in Canggu, Bali, on Nov. 8. Despite attempts to keep a low profile, the witness claims Davies looked “alive, well, and happy.” The images, bearing a resemblance to his past online posts, have not been published to protect the source.

Davies, entangled in bankruptcy proceedings since 3AC’s collapse in 2022, has already faced legal consequences. He was sentenced to four months in a Singaporean jail for non-cooperation with investigations into the fund’s bankruptcy. His co-founder, Su Zhu, was arrested in Singapore in September.

The Bali Connection

It’s reported that both co-founders spent months in Bali, evading cooperation with bankruptcy proceedings in the United States and Singapore. While Su Zhu is already in custody, Davies’ fate hinges on the cooperation of Bali authorities, according to a source involved in the ongoing Singapore case.

Davies, having renounced his American citizenship in 2022 after marrying a Singaporean national, successfully evaded contempt charges in the U.S. The judge ruled that the court lacked jurisdiction over him, suggesting that foreign representatives could pursue legal action through Singaporean courts.

Davies’ looming arrest and the four-month sentence in Singapore result from a committal order secured by 3AC liquidator Teneo for contempt of court. The legal saga continues as authorities seek to bring the elusive co-founder to justice amidst his exotic hideaway in Bali.

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