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This year, the crypto market has lost some of its heat and hype. Many crypto projects have been on the downside, but some prove more resilient than others. BNB, XRP, and $ROE are some of the gainers, defying all odds to end this year with strong profits.

Read on to find out why BNB, XRP, and $ROE should be on your best DeFi projects shortlist if you want to welcome 2024 in the green. 


BorroeFinance’s $ROE Forecast for 300% Price Growth

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is a new altcoin bridging the gap between Web3 businesses and their lifeblood – funding. The innovative platform changes how firms finance their operations, marketing, and growth by allowing them to turn future revenues into loan NFTs, which are sold to investors. 

Future income generated by Web3 businesses, like royalties or subscription fees, is minted and sold at a discount on the market. Investors purchase these NFTs and can either hold them until maturity to receive the full amount or trade them on the secondary markets. 

Essentially, $ROE is not just another token – it’s about empowering Web3 businesses to access funds by connecting them with the same communities that use and love their products and services. 

Meanwhile, crypto enthusiasts, long-term investors, and beginners can tap into the BorroeFinance ecosystem to get access to high-return assets that are not available in the traditional markets.

BorroeFinance is fueled by $ROE erc20 coins, which are currently in Stage 2 of the presale. The project has already raised over $1.50 million, and over 90% of the allocated tokens are already sold out. 

The $ROE tokens are expected to launch on major exchanges at a price of $0.04 once the presale ends, marking a 300% price increase for early backers, as the initial offering was only $0.01. 

Binance’s Improved Security Could Boost BNB Returns

This year, Binance has been in the middle of multiple crypto scandals, particularly due to user security, scams, rug pulls, and other threats. 

One of the recent ones is the renewed interest in Binance’s ICO back in 2017 – an analysis conducted by Forbes has recently shed light on Binance’s launch as being, in fact, a flop. While it announced 100 million tokens sold in the ICO, it was revealed that no more than 10.78 million were actually transferred to investors.

In this context, confidence in BNB has long dwindled due to uncertainty, but some good news is shining light on its new trajectory. Defying all odds, a recent report conducted by a security firm shows that there was a 75% reduction in the amount lost to scams in Q3 2023. 

In a turn of events, this could help BNB finish 2023 on a higher note.  

XRP Aims for the Moon Amid Booming Crypto Adoption

XRP has been at the forefront of the crypto market rally for some time now, so many believe it is one of the best cryptos to buy now. The spikes were backed by many institutions adopting Ripple’s services, enhancing crypto adoption. 

For example, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has recently approved XRP to be offered to clients. Authorities in Georgia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have also adopted different Ripple services. 


Predicting the value of $ROE, XRP, or BNB is no easy task – ranging from a newcomer with disruptive ideas to the most popular crypto exchange, the crypto landscape is as varied as it can be. However, one thing is for sure – $ROE’s huge potential is attracting investors from all over the world. 

With over $1.50 million already raised, the current presale stage is nearly sold out. If you are looking for the top crypto to invest in, this may be the sign to grab your slice of the pie and buy $ROE tokens today!

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