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Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming projects are not new in the crypto space. Instead, they offer investors and users endless possibilities to make huge money. Axie Infinity played a vital role in establishing a path for P2E games. But its bearish run after it peaked in 2021 has raised concerns regarding profit in the crypto space.

As a result, we publish this piece examining Axie Infinity price prediction while explaining why Pikamoon is its top contender for the top two GameFi tokens for crypto investors.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction: Can AXS Live Up to Its Top Position?

Axie Infinity (AXS) played a critical role in opening up the NFT and P2E gaming world within the crypto space. And its success has put its native token, AXS, in the limelight. AXS has maintained its top position as one of the favorite GameFi tokens. But experts are immersed in Axie Infinity price prediction to understand how much profit investors can still make, or it is too late, and they should focus on other GameFi tokens like Pikamoon.

The performance of AXS in 2023 so far reveals a down-the-drain movement. In this cycle, it appears like AXS has taken away all the profits investors made from the price surge. Likewise, the token has failed to break through on different attempts as it hit resistance.

Over the past three months, AXS has struggled to trade between $6.5 and $5.50. In between that, the token hit a low price around the borderline of $4.1 and struggled to back up to $6.4. An optimistic bull run can shoot the price up to $8.0, but there is no indication that it can hit the $10 price before the year runs out.

On the other hand, its continuous red dig into the dip can put the token on the $4.50 borderline. But on average, the token can settle around $7.0. Future project updates, as indicated in the project whitepaper, can cause an increase in the token value when those updates launch. However over the last month it has seen a positive uptrend with lots of green on the chart. Boasting a monthly increase of 49%.

But this current Axie Infinity price prediction reveals that AXS might not be much more profitable as anticipated. Instead, experts advise investors to invest in other lucrative GameFi tokens like Pikamoon (PIKA).

Pikamoon: The Best GameFi Tokens for Crypto Investors

Axie Infinity price prediction points to the possibilities of what the market can bring to investors after a successful run in 2021. No experts can tell you precisely what might happen soon. However, Pikamoon (PIKA) offers an excellent opportunity to earn massive rewards in 2023 and beyond.

Pikamoon is a hybrid meme coin that doubles as a GameFi token of a metaverse game. PIKA solves the case of no utility for meme coin and brings enormous profit potential to investors as a token of a P2E game with offline gameplay. This disruptive feature gives PIKA a competitive advantage over other GameFi tokens.

Reasons Pikamoon (PIKA) is the Best GameFi Tokens for Crypto Investors

  • Creatively Immersive Gameplay

Playing Pikamoon is like embarking on a journey of no return. You can’t just reach the end of the game. The game is designed for players to discover new areas and unlock new levels as they earn more rewards while playing the game.

The top gaming machine, Unreal Engine 5, is used to build the Pikamoon game. This results in a creatively and seamlessly immersive gaming experience where you are always on the edge of your favorite gaming chair.

  • Vibrant Crypto Community

Pikamoon is a community-driven crypto project with crypto whales, savvy investors, and professional gamers exploring the endless possibilities in the metaverse gaming as crypto members. These people with a track record of successful crypto investments are taking the front seats in amplifying the profit advocacy of Pikamoon.

This points to only one thing. Pikamoon is positioned to bring explosive profits to investors and token holders. And the earlier you grab a slot by investing in $PIKA now, the more advantage you have over other investors that will come later.

Check out the trailer for the projects upcoming beta game release this month:

Best Way to Make Massive ROI for Crypto Investors in 2023

Pikamoon’s presale is still ongoing and in its third phase. In this phase, one $PIKA is $0.0006. Buying $PIKA now and investing in this disruptive and lucrative GameFi project positions you for explosive return in 2023 and beyond. Savvy investors who took advantage of the first presale stage will make 300% returns after its third stage.

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):



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