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Investors who witnessed the 2021 bull market know the meta trade was alternative layer one tokens. In 2023, heading into 2024, the meta trade is play-to-earn tokens and GameFi. But most investors aren’t prepared for what the P2E bull market will bring.

In 2017 the ICO craze made literal overnight millionaires, 2020 introduced DeFi summer and yield farming exploded, and 2021 was the alternative layer one arena where scalability was everything.

Every bull market has a narrative, and GameFi will drive this narrative. What crypto to buy now? Gaming coins like Render ($RNDR), Gala ($GALA), and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). All set to explode this cycle in the GameFi bonanza. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Dominating P2E Space

Galaxy Fox has rapidly risen to prominence and has already been dubbed by experts as one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now. Its novel blend of value accrual economics paired with the addictive Web3 runner game at the center of its ecosystem makes it a powerhouse in the GameFi narrative.

Each season, the top 20% of players on the leaderboard will earn prizes exchangeable for $GFOX. Players can additionally upgrade their in-game stats using one of two methods: purchasing one of the 3,000 unique NFTs or using $GFOX tokens. Half the tokens spent in-game will go directly to the prize pool, meaning serious payouts for the winners.

As the prize pool grows, so does the value of the NFTs, considering the in-game upgrades their ownership confers to the owner. Could the secret play within the Galaxy Fox ecosystem be to buy an NFT at launch? Wait for the prize pool to swell and then sell it on the secondary market?

Alongside all the gaming action, $GFOX owners unlock a great source of residual income from the Stargate module. Stargate pays out all staking rewards, but exclusive to the ecosystem is that taxations fund these payouts in place of printing new tokens.

Add the protocol’s burn campaign into the mix, and players will be gaming, earning, and generating yield on a deflationary asset. What crypto to buy now? The answer for investors who genuinely want to win this cycle is $GFOX.


Render ($RNDR) An Open Market For GPU

Render has been another project garnering attention recently following its impressive performance in the last month. Alongside $GFOX, it is another of the top cryptos to buy right now because of its quasi-pick-and-shovel approach to GameFi.

Demand for content is up-only, and content creators face an uphill battle to deliver. Not only do they have to create and imagine the content, then they have to upload it to their desired platform. Video rendering is a crucial part of this process, and Render creates an open market connecting those with capacity for rendering with those willing to pay.

Creating a global rendering market has drawn the attention of larger companies such as Apple. Analysts remain bullish long term, stating that $RNDR could easily target $4.82 by the end of next year.

Gala ($GALA) Blockchain’s First AAA?

Gala has long been a GameFi favourite among crypto enthusiasts. Despite a messy legal feud between founders, many still expect Gala to be the first crypto-native gaming house to release a AAA game. All titles associated with Gala leverage the $GALA token, and the implementation of NFTs across these games allows players to own their gaming experience.

Interestingly, Gala’s approach to gaming has always been to put blockchain in the back and focus on the experience. Will it be a breakout star this cycle? More good news waits for $GALA token holders, with Gala set to launch a native blockchain soon.

Closing Thoughts: P2E Coins Poised to Dominate Market

Play-to-earn will be enormous this cycle. The infrastructure upgrades throughout the bear market have made blockchains fast enough and cheap enough to run games entirely on-chain. Special attention should be paid to protocols building ecosystems around their games and tokens like Galaxy Fox, as this is where the magic happens.

The play-to-earn bull market is coming, and investors should be asking themselves what crypto to buy now to be best positioned. $RNDR and $GALA both look great, but $GFOX is the clear stand-out. Don’t miss out on this cycle’s winning narrative — participate in the Galaxy Fox presale today.

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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