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XRP has attracted the attention of analysts who foresee a bright future for the digital asset. Notable traders like Kaleo and Cantering Clark have shared their insightful analysis, particularly regarding XRP’s performance compared to Bitcoin (BTC). 

XRP Price Analysis

Kaleo points out that XRP has successfully retested its diagonal resistance level and turned it into support, indicating a potential bullish continuation. He believes that XRP is ready for another upward move, possibly following the footsteps of Tron (TRX), which recently experienced a significant rally from $0.74 to $0.85.

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Drawing a comparison, Kaleo suggests that a similar squeeze in XRP’s price could propel it to $0.60 or even higher. As of now, XRP is trading at around $0.52. Moreover, when analyzing the XRP/BTC ratio, he identifies a promising setup, hinting at a potential surge after breaking above its diagonal resistance.

He adds, “XRP/BTC pair looks primed for a squeeze as well.”


Time to accumulate XRP?!

Adding to the positive sentiment, another crypto strategist, Cantering Clark expresses his bullish sentiment toward XRP. Clark believes that the altcoin’s price structure indicates an imminent surge, leading him to consider accumulating XRP. 

Despite having yet to analyze many charts recently closely, Clark recognizes the unique qualities of XRP’s price action and the potential for significant gains.


As XRP enthusiasts eagerly await the predicted rally, the crypto market buzzes with anticipation. Will XRP defy expectations and outperform Bitcoin? Only time will tell.

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