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The cryptocurrency sector has been a hotbed of speculation and controversy, with recent allegations of insider trading surrounding one of the most prominent figures in the industry, Elon Musk. At the same time, Tradecurve, the potential market disruptor currently in its presale stage, is making strides in helping new traders through its metaverse trading academy. Keep reading to learn more about the insider trading allegations against Elon Musk and how Tradecurve’s metaverse trading academy aims to provide valuable education and guidance to aspiring traders.

Elon Musk and Allegations of Dogecoin insider trading 

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been an influential figure in the cryptocurrency world, often making headlines with his tweets and comments on digital assets. However, Musk recently faced allegations of insider trading related to his involvement with Dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency.

Investors claimed Musk utilized numerous Dogecoin wallets that he or Tesla owns to trade advantageously at their cost in a May 31st filing in Manhattan federal court. The investors said Musk used hired internet influencers, Twitter tweets, his appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in 2021, and other “publicity stunts” to do so.

These allegations have sparked debates around the ethical implications of such actions in cryptocurrency. Alex Spiro, a Musk lawyer, has not yet commented on this news, and we have yet to see how this lawsuit will pan out.


Tradecurve (TCRV) to launch a metaverse trading academy 

Amidst the controversies surrounding Musk and Dogecoin, Tradecurve, an upcoming trading platform that will allow trading of all derivatives on one account with no sign-up KYC checks, has excited many traders by announcing it will introduce a metaverse trading academy.

Making good decisions in the online trading industry is vital, but not everyone has the knowledge to succeed. The Tradecurve team knows this and is developing a metaverse trading academy where users can connect with trading specialists. 

The academy goes beyond theoretical knowledge by equipping them with real-world trading strategies, insights, and tips from experienced professionals who have successfully navigated the online trading sector. This practical approach enhances traders’ understanding and prepares them for real trading scenarios.

Tradecurve’s trading academy offers a wealth of educational resources that cover the fundamentals of trading, technical analysis, risk management, and market dynamics. By providing a solid foundation of knowledge, the academy helps new traders make informed decisions and understand the intricacies of the crypto market.

Tradecurve will also implement many other features that will help beginner traders, such as copy trading, where they can subscribe to veteran traders and replicate trades that they have done, or subscribing to automated & AI trading bots which are bound to increase profitability since they have a proven track record. Those with more experience will be happy to hear that Tradecurve offers access to high-leveraged products starting at 500:1, negative balance protection, and VIP account services. 

At the core of these features will lie the platform’s native token, TCRV, which now has a value of just $0.015. However, this Stage 3 presale will advance, and as it does, more price hikes will come – with the next being a rise to $0.018. Analysts are bullish about this presale as they foresee a 50x price increase by the time it finishes and a 100x jump when it gets launched and subsequently listed on Uniswap or a major CEX. 

If you want a 25% deposit bonus, sign up for the TCRV presale using the links below. 

For more information about the Tradecurve presale:

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