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The test network of the Shibarium network, called Puppynet, recently reached a milestone of 15 million transactions, indicating an increasing level of activity as it prepares for its planned release on the mainnet later this year. 

According to the latest data from blockchain explorers, the Puppynet testnet has successfully processed over 15 million transactions involving nearly 16 million wallets since its launch on March 11.

Shibarium Puppynet breaking records

Shibarium’s Puppynet has reached an impressive milestone of 15 million transactions. This accomplishment demonstrates the strong capability of Puppynet to efficiently process a significant volume of transactions. With an average daily transaction count of 668,209, Puppynet has proven to be a reliable and robust infrastructure.

Data from Puppyscan shows that the average block time stands at 5 seconds, with total transactions touching 15,184,168 at press time. The number of wallet addresses also breached 16 million and stood at 16,466,475 at press time.

The achievement of reaching 16 million wallet addresses is a remarkable indication of the extensive reach and increasing popularity of Shibarium in the blockchain space. The surge in wallet addresses represents a significant influx of individuals joining the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

When Shibarium?

Shibarium is still in the works, but it is projected to be available in 2023. When it is released, Shiba Inu will be able to process more transactions per second at a lower cost. Shiba Inu will become more appealing to users and developers as a result, and the price of SHIB may rise as a result.

Shibarium will have greater scalability than the Ethereum mainnet, allowing it to handle more transactions per second. This will make it more efficient and reduce transaction wait times.

Shibarium will use a proof-of-stake consensus process, which is more efficient than the Ethereum mainnet’s proof-of-work consensus system. Users will benefit from cheaper transaction fees as a result of this.

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