Storj, a decentralized cloud storage provider, has partnered with zkSync Era, a layer-2 protocol on Ethereum, to enhance decentralized storage payments.

Storj Partners With zkSync Era

The partnership aims to leverage zkSync Era’s zero-knowledge roll-up technology by integrating it into a cloud storage platform, optimizing transaction speed, reducing gas fees, and improving the payment process’s overall efficiency.

Storj is a decentralized cloud storage solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). As a cloud solution, It offers its users a customizable storage experience tailored to their needs. Storj’s client base includes Pocket Network, Atempo, iXsystems, Gabb Wireless, and the University of Edinburgh.

With the current frenzy in the crypto space to develop roll-up upgrades, the cloud platform plans to upgrade its platforms and services by collaborating with zkSync Era, harnessing the benefits of zero-knowledge proofs, and enhancing scalability and efficiency in a decentralized manner.

As a layer-2 scaling protocol on Ethereum, zkSync Era introduced the zero-knowledge approach, which allows consolidating multiple transactions into a compressed data block. This allowed the project to achieve greater speed, less cost, and more throughput over the Ethereum mainnet.

As part of the development, the decentralized cloud provider would maintain two open-source libraries that would facilitate the seamless onboarding of users to the zkSync Era network.

These additional libraries are Crypto-Batch-Payment and Storjscan. It would also enhance the capacity of decentralized storage payments to be EVM-compatible, providing users with more flexible, decentralized options.

Enhancing Adoption And Scalability

Commenting about the partnership,  Ben Golub, CEO of Storj, expressed his satisfaction with the adoption of zkSync, saying:

The adoption of zkSync has been strong, and we are committed to supporting the zkSync Era developer ecosystem with our open-source tools. Zero-knowledge roll-ups means that Storj can provide users and our community of nodes with an optimal transaction experience while continuing to lead as a trailblazer in the field of decentralized infrastructure technologies.

Matter Labs, the team responsible for the development of zkSync, also commented on the collaboration. Marco Cora, the Head of Business Development at Matter Labs, said:

 It’s exciting to see projects like Storj improve the overall scalability of their network for decentralized applications by bringing fast, secure, and more affordable decentralized storage to more people worldwide by integrating with zkSync Era.

Despite this announcement, STORJ prices remain under pressure.

It is down 3.5% in the last trading day, changing hands at $0.29.

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