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Without a doubt, 2021 emerged as the year of non-fungible tokens that took the world by storm, getting adopted by countless celebrities and companies that had nothing to do with the cryptocurrency industry up until that moment.

With 2022 starting on a similar note, NFTs continue to grasp attention, despite critics claiming that they were a bubble that will eventually burst. Moreover, there’re now new and innovative spin-offs coming from the industry, with interacting NFTs starting to gain traction.

As such, those companies and projects that aim to be at the forefront of this new development could be the market leaders soon. One of those protocols that announced support of iNFTs recently was PaintSwap Finance.

PaintSwap Finance Supports iNFTs

The Fantom-based open NFT marketplace became one of the first such entities that tapped into the growing interactive NFT space. Unlike regular non-fungible tokens, iNFTs will provide one or more use cases that will have investors engaged in different forms. Or, as Twitter users are explaining the difference – owning a regular NFT is like having a stuffed cat compared to a real cat with iNFTs.

With their addition to its platform, PaintSwap Finance users will now be able to compose, play around, and edit in various styles their respective digital art. The project reminded that it supports only a single HTML page, so if clients want to add several files, they will have to combine them.

The minting process has been simplified for users’ convenience. Upon uploading the HTML file on the PaintSwap platform, they will be able to interact with the digital art and select preview media file, and enter the NFT metadata.

Subsequently, users will need to connect their MetaMask wallets and confirm the minting before validating the new iNFT.

About PaintSwap Finance

PaintSwap Finance is an open NFT marketplace operating on the Fantom blockchain. The project also offers a decentralized exchange and yield farms. It has its own native cryptocurrency called BRUSH, and the team uses 50% of all sales fees to buy back and burn the coin.

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