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Avorak AI is presenting a mouth-watering investment proposal to potential investors looking for guaranteed profits in 2023. Avorak’s proposal is its record-breaking ICO through a well-defined roadmap ensuring that crypto riches flow to investors in 2023.

What is an ICO?

An initial coin offering caps a new project’s entry into the market and is a way of pooling resources to pursue infrastructure developments. As an ICO investor, one benefits from many perks, including discounted token price, high-rated bonuses, Beta testing access, priority staking, and the benefits of a rising token price. ICO is therefore a fundraising method used by blockchain-based startups involving the sale of new, custom cryptocurrency or digital tokens for fiat currency like US dollars or other established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICOs last for a limited time, during which it acts as a form of payment for services or products.

Avorak AI and the Record ICO

Avorak AI is presenting investors with a new way of investing. With Avorak, you can invest in its utility tools or in its crypto platform, but for maximum benefits, Avorak packages all these in a one-stop-shop solution. As AI makes waves in other industries, its entry through AI crypto is a welcome investment. Avorak deploys Avorak Write, Avorak Create, Avorak Chat, and Avorak Trade Bot.

Avorak AI’s ICO is corroborating top crypto news and analysts’ claims on how to quickly grow your investment and profit in 2023. The ICO has brought several benefits and goodies to ICO holders, since the initial phase commenced. Imagine buying AVRK when it debuted in phase one at $0.060 per token, with an on-top bonus of 10%. Now, three months later, AVRK has grown by 271.67% and is selling at $0.235 in phase six with an on-top bonus of 5%. The good thing about the ICO is that token prices increase as new phases are rolled out, while bonuses decrease towards launch. As such, prudent investors invest in the ICOs’ early stages, when prices are low, and hold until launch, or when the token trades. 

AVRK is offering investors 17x when it launches at $1. Top analysts and enthusiastic YouTubers believe AVRK has a 100x potential and is a small market-cap gem worth the investment. Avorak has secured listings with top exchanges, including PancakeSwap, LAToken, Azbit, and Coinsbit. Unconfirmed reports making crypto news suggest listings on Binance and KuCoin. As with any investment, prospective investors need confirmation of secure infrastructure and transparency by researching. AVRK has made that easier through its NOVOS KYC, CyberScope audit, and SolidProof audit, whose reports are readily available.

Avorak Trade helps investors to make profitable moves through its advanced algorithms that scout the market and analyze volumes of data to present accurate signals. In addition, the Trade Bot eliminates human error arising from biased and emotional decisions. Investors can automate the bot and worry about other pressing matters as the bot trades on their behalf.


Wrap Up

As cryptocurrencies gain support, many investors are looking for new investment opportunities with the potential for substantial returns. ICOs have emerged as a way for new projects to raise capital through the sale of newly created digital tokens. Avorak AI’s ICO has all the qualities of a profitable investment in 2023. 

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