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The global crypto market has been keen on diversifying to NFTs owing to the impeccable growth rate since the bygone year. Successively, the trend index on Google and social platforms has been inclining towards NFTs to a greater degree. Which is expected to amplify for the current year. And traders have rolled up their sleeves to diversify their NFTs portfolio by categories and blockchains.

The biggest contributors to the growth of NFTs come from Ethereum followed by Solana, and Avalanche. As of the 15th of February, the buyers of Ethereum are numbered at 13,764, while the sales account for $51.75 M. Solana has scripted 2,976 buyers and sales of $2.9 M. Avalanche on the other hand has seen 436 buyers and sales of $2.5 M.

Are These The NFTs To Buy For Balanced Returns?


  Aurory comes from the stable of Solana, which is a P2E desktop game, that hosts 10,000 NFTs. The project is backed by Solana Foundation, CMS, Animoca Brands, Genblock Capital, Alameda Research, amongst others. The team constitutes of pioneers from the crypto and gaming industry. The Aurory IDO was the largest IDO on Solana.

Successively, 777 amount of Aurory’s has been listed against the total supply of 10,000 units. The floor price of the NFT is 29.80 SOL, and 580.8k SOL is the amount of volume that has been traded.


  The project features 10,000 algorithmically generated unique Chikn NFTs that lay egg tokens. The makers cite that, these are not just egg-laying NFTs, but an ecosystem built around these NFTs circumscribing the Tri-Token architecture. 

That enables the upgrade of NFTs, FEED which is harvested at Other access includes features such as lay, farm, and size. The floor price of the NFT is at 18.78 AVAX, which goes all the way up to 1696.96 AVAX for the unique ones.

Lazy Lions:

  Lazy Lions are a limited collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, which are generated programmatically and are hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain. It is learned that each collectible is generated from over 160 possible traits. The team is on a mission to build the premier Web 3.0 space driven by its NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse.

The benefits of holding the NFTs include access to a roaring community, access to monthly ROARwards, metaverse, commercial rights, airdrops, etc… The floor price of Lazy Lions NFT is 1.8 ETH, whilst the traded volumes account for 26.2k trades.

Summing up, the aforementioned NFT projects have been garnering the interests of the respective communities and that of savvies. With NFTs forming their own league distinct from traditional cryptocurrencies. These could possibly form its own class, propelling the investments made by investors to a greater degree.

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