[PRESS RELEASE – The United States, 16 February 2022]

The first discovered island of Lootverse will be available today at 22:00 UTC exclusively in Satoshi’s Lounge, Lootverse’s official marketplace. Triton Island is part of the nine islands of this virtual world, which includes: Medea, Minos, Europa, Cretos, Calypso, Thetis, Thalassa, and Pontos Haven. Its territory is divided into four plots of land, and the first one will be auctioned starting at a reserve price of 500 LTT, the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency. The other three plots will be open for sale at a later date.

To stand a chance to guarantee their private spot on this metaverse island, users must sign up on Lootverse’s Government page. After that, the following steps are as simple as any cryptocurrency platform: exchange their Earthian money for in-world Credits to buy LTT. Then, they are all set to bid for any plot listed for sale at Satoshi’s Lounge as soon as they have enough balance. These exclusive properties are NFTs notarised by Talos Blockchain.

Experiencing Lootverse

Lootverse is a parallel world planned and developed by Loot NFT Co. This non-pixelated metaverse has six fantasy realms: The Great Empire, Royaume de Satoshi, The Medici Principality, The Isle of Talos, The Kingdom of Xbysl, and El Territorio. Some of these areas are gifted with islands of exuberant nature and paradisiacal views. Each of them has a specific shape and history behind its geological formation, enriched by its fauna and flora.

Landowners of these unique plots can play with their creativity, building mansions, exclusive lush beaches, entertaining attractions and even businesses. All projects enhance the opportunities to leverage the properties’ value while nurturing the already vibrant in-world economy. Thus, the islands of Lootverse can be seen as natural wonders for artistic, commercial, and scientific exploration.

By owning an NFT plot of land, a regular user becomes a citizen of this world, known as a Lootizen. Early adopters from several professional backgrounds are joining this metaverse to develop the initial urban centres and residential areas for future visitors and potential residents. Yes, users can also become Lootizens by renting a residence in one of the buildings currently under construction by world builders.

Visionaire players are also pioneering as portal operators to collectively create functional businesses, offering essential services to all users. These activities are shaping the promising future of Lootverse, creating a realistic metaverse like never seen before.

About Loot NFT

Loot NFT created and developed Lootverse, a gamified parallel world powered by NFTs. Lootverse has 4,880 plots of land and is being built with crowdsourced creativity. This fantasy non-pixelated world was carefully designed for grown-ups and has established its own culture, political system, and economic activity.

Users can sign up, exchange their Earthian money for LTT (Loot Ticket), Lootverse’s utility token, and buy a plot of land to become Lootizens. With their citizenry visa, Lootizens can access most destinations in the ecosystem, collectively build the world for future residents, buy exclusive NFTs or collectibles at Satoshi’s Lounge – the official marketplace -, benefit from the world’s economy and grow their legacy in the metaverse.

Loot NFT aims to democratize access to NFTs, allowing a genuinely artistic exploration through a metaverse unlike any other while immortalizing the story of this land on the blockchain. Lootverse was built on Talos, an Ethereum-based public permissioned blockchain with a Proof of Authority consensus. For more information, visit the website or join the community: lootnft.io | Telegram

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