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In a recent Twitter exchange that stirred quite a buzz, David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, cautioned a member of the XRP community who had attempted to impersonate Judge Analisa Torres. The incident unfolded when a Twitter user, known as XRPP, made a bold claim that Judge Torres was set to deliver a summary judgment in the ongoing legal battle between the SEC and Ripple.

Provoking Reaction from Ripple’s CTO

This audacious assertion, made by XRPP, was accompanied by a screenshot that supposedly portrayed conversations with the Judge who is currently overseeing the SEC lawsuit against Ripple. In this displayed interaction, XRPP, pretending to be Judge Torres, suggested that she was about to announce her ruling. David Schwartz, well-known by his Twitter handle, “JoelKatz,” quickly responded, stating that impersonating a Federal judge, even badly, is most likely a criminal act.

Unfazed, XRPP retorted with a tongue-in-cheek query, asking Schwartz if “expertly impersonating a federal judge” would be considered legal.

Humor Amidst Serious Matters

Bill Morgan, a renowned attorney, jumped in, humorously questioning, “Is being funny and witty even a crime?” To which XRPP riposted, “If that were the case, I’d already be serving several life sentences.”

This light-hearted exchange comes amidst growing anticipation in the XRP community as rumors of an imminent resolution in the SEC vs. Ripple case gain momentum. These speculations have been fueled by a tweet from another user, “XRPnewt,” stating that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expects a resolution in a matter of weeks, not months. This prediction followed recent court proceedings involving discussions on the Hinman emails.

Garlinghouse reportedly expressed this optimistic time frame during a session at a virtual conference.

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