The mergers and acquisition era of crypto is well under way. Now even smaller projects on Cardano are getting in on the corporate synergy action.

Pavia, Cardano’s leading metaverse project, announced the other day that it is acquiring CardanoKidz. CardanoKidz is most widely known as the first ever NFT project on Cardano.

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  • “We are proud to announce Pavia Corp has acquired the @CardanoKidz NFT project. The art will remain and what is openly developed in-game will help us set standards and act as a POC for other projects to use / follow. Welcome to [Pavia] CardanoKidz holders!,” Pavia said via Twitter.
  • Pavia most closely resembles the Ethereum-based Decentraland. Like Decentraland, players can buy avatars and parcels of land with a native token. Pavia’s native token is $PAVIA. Currently all plots are sold out.
  • Pavia so far has been considered a success, but it does come with some controversy because of its undoxxed team. However, acquiring an NFT project like CardanoKidz does demonstrate the project has a longterm vision.
  • As part of the deal, Zac from CardanoKidz will stay on to continue producing future seasons of CardanoKidz. On the sale, CardanoKidz said, “We started as an art-based CNFT project to capture the events & faces of Cardano but recently everyone has asked for more & more from our project. We truly hope this news will exceed all your expectations!”
  • CardanoKidz has completed its 8th “season.” The NFT project opts to release their art periodically rather than in one batch like most NFTs. For more not the project, check out our guide here. 
  • The artwork is a crypto-based homage  of the Garbage Pail Kids trading card series from the 80s. The art features references to, among other things, Vitalik Buterin’s infamous rap. 


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