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The toy industry is a lucrative market, valued at over $100 Billion in the US alone. Disney, Pokémon, Barbie and Legos all hold a thick piece of the pie of the toy market cap, and it’s hard to foresee a future where this monopoly can be toppled. 

However, in May 2023, Amazon debuted a new toy collection, Pudgy Penguins, which generated over $500,000 in 2 days—outselling the most popular toy brands within the 48-hour cycle.

Pudgy Penguins isn’t an ordinary toy collection; it’s the new ‘NFT Phygital’ toy collection. Purchasing a phygital toy allows you to experience the toy physically and virtually. Therefore, you would be able to play and trade your toy anywhere! Whether it’s your bedroom or the metaverse.

What Pudgy Penguins does differently from other phygital toy collections is that each toy is registered on the blockchain as an NFT. This means every Pudgy Penguin can have their origins and trading history validated on the blockchain to bring user security when trading collector items and defeating knock-off culture in the process.

Phygital NFTs include even more benefits over traditional toys and phygital toys. Polkadot, Tron and Big Eyes Coin are leading some of the top 10 crypto projects that take full advantage of Phygital NFT capabilities.

Polkadot’s Network Boosts the Tradability of Phygital Toys

Polkadot (DOT) is a layer-0 protocol with ambitions to be designed as a future decentralised web for all blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies and DApps. The Polkadot layer-0 network will encourage user trade and business amongst crypto communities, and with the rise of NFT phygital toys—DOT will allow the market to thrive with niche brands—driving NFT phygital toys to become the leaders of the toy industry.

Tron Empowering Phygital Creators

Launched in 2017, Tron (TRX) is a decentralised blockchain platform dedicated to content creation. Tron wants to be part of the new Web 3 Internet that prioritises content creators to empower them with online income earning opportunities. A sector positioned to dominate the Tron space will be NFT phygital creators. Content creators can use the network to create games connected to NFT phygital toys to provide more incentive for purchasing a phygital toy.

Big Eyes Coins Strategic Position in the Phygital Market

A meme coin represented by cat memes and themed around cutesy art makes it a perfect candidate to enter the NFT phygital space. In fact, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have great ambitions to become more than just a meme coin such as DOGE and PEPE. BIG are building an ecosystem where transactions, gaming, and online browsing are all carrying the Big Eyes theme.

BIG have already announced they will be launching 4,000 casino games and numerous P2E games on August 29th 2023. The community will be able to spend their earnings at the NFT marketplace, then strut their stuff with digital assets at the NFT Sushi Crew—a virtual club for the community to socialise and trade NFTs.

NFTs and P2E gaming are already key parts of the Big Eyes Coin experience, directly attracting an audience drawn to Phygital that combines gaming and NFTs. BIG is positioned as a future leader in the gaming and NFT space—it goes to show with BIG already securing $36 million in pre-sales.

big eyes coin

Conclusion: Phygital Expansion Continues

With NFT phygitals starting to attract mass audiences, consumers want to look for the most creative and attractive toys. 


With BIG’s cutesy art style and fun ecosystem, BIG NFTs and phygitals show great promise in the future when Big Eyes Coin comes out of pre-sale on June 3rd 2023. Early investors have a lucky limited-time-only offer they can take advantage of now that prices BIG tokens at the stage 3 price of $.0.00017.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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