Though digital assets are down, many other sectors of the blockchain space are flourishing.

The NFT and metaverse spaces are doing exceptionally well. The NFT market surpassed the $7 billion mark with many indicators of further enterprise adoption with companies like Facebook investing $10 billion in the Metaverse.

However, because both markets are still in their early days and have so many different projects, each is somewhat fragmented and therefore hard to navigate.

Gamerse ($LFG) consolidates and unifies the NFT gaming ecosystem with its cross-chain, cross-platform, cross-domain, and cross-verse solutions. Their platform is a hub for gaming NFT and the metaverse social economy to help users navigate these exciting and fast-growing spaces.

With multiple NFT projects constantly being launched, there are always innovative, new ways these projects find to utilize tokens. With the tokens come the communities that surround them and help them grow. Gamerse brings these projects together in one ecosystem, allowing users to play, socialize, and trade with one another.

Social Aggregator Marketplace

Gamerse’s social aggregator marketplace has innovative features not seen on other NFT marketplaces. Some of the features included on the marketplace are the Flip-card NFTs that display an NFTs name, the date it was minted, a link to the etherscan for the NFT, rating NFTs (review) and token’s creator/owner. Verified creators will be indicated by a blue certification checkmark on every NFT they mint, allowing them to demand higher prices. Verified Collectors will receive a purple checkmark which allows them to resell NFTs for a higher price.

The marketplace is very new-user friendly as it is accessible and navigation is simple, regardless of whether users are experienced with digital asset wallets or not. The Gamerse Wallet will facilitate a seamless sign-up process by allowing users to sign in, one-click with web 2 social media applications. The Gamerse wallet will also integrate fiat on-ramp for users to purchase NFTs with fiat currency, ensuring users do not need to install Metamask or other wallets to use the Gamerse app to buy and sell NFTs. To further their user-friendly UI/UX the platform displays their NFTs in USD value, leveraging their integrated Chainlink pricing oracles.

Here are some of the other features the social aggregator marketplace will include:

  1. Users will be able to shop cross-platform and cross-chain
  2. Aggregator filter: Marketplace will utilize a filter whereby users can easily navigate between Marketplaces, Games (creators), Gamers (Collectors), Categories, and Chains. This helps the user to easily find the NFTs they are interested in as the market is saturated with different genre NFTs from a magnitude of sources.
  3. Explore exclusive drops in collab with Gamerse partners including Games, Metaverse projects, influencers and NFT creators. “Calendar Drops” will allow users to set alerts so they never miss a drop
  4. Users will be able to create their own profiles and follow other users
  5. Like, comment, share, DM to socially trade on the platform
  6. Users will be able to display NFT and avatar collections on profile page

Gamerse’s Looking for Group Platform

Gamerse is the Looking for Group or LFG platform for the NFT gaming industry. This social platform unties gamers into a single, fun community that is always on top of the latest trends to hit the industry.

The platform is the first-ever NFT Gaming Social Ecosystem allowing gamers to explore popular NFT games consolidated onto a single social marketplace where they can join groups, trade, and connect with other NFT gamers.

The Gamerse Ecosystem provides a slew of features so that you can do everything NFT related from a single platform. The features touted by the ecosystem include social media, an aggregator marketplace, an auction house, a utility token, and more.

Social Media

The Gamerse social media platform is created for NFT collectors and includes groups, live feed, direct messaging, and NFT drop watchlists. Users can be connected to all of the NFT communities they would like while also having the ability to view their NFTs from the same place.

Recent Partnerships

Gamerse continues to build its platform, making new strategic partnerships that allow the project to expand its reach. Recently, they have partnered with many companies across the NFT and metaverse industries, including:

  • Polychain Monsters– a cross-chain digital collectible and gaming system.
  • Propel – a decentralized digital asset platform.
  • GovWorld – a project that unlocks liquidity of NFTs.
  • Metawars – a gaming project living on BSC.
  • OneRare – the world’s first food metaverse.
  • Binamon – a gaming metaverse for digital monsters.
  • Crowdcreate – Leading Crypto & NFT marketing agency.
  • Bloktopia – an unprecedented VR experience for the crypto community.
  • ChainLink – a decentralized Oracle network that enables universally connected smart contracts.

Each of these partnerships was announced within the last month, showing the project’s desire to continue building and moving forward with creating a comprehensive NFT platform.

Gamerse’s one-stop platform for all things NFTs and metaverse-related ensures that new users will have an easy time entering the space. With the somewhat fragmented NFT gaming space, having one place to keep up with it is a necessity and is exactly what is needed to bring this fast-growing sector to the mainstream.




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