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With mega launches in the past few months like PEPE and SPONGE, it might have felt like the majority of the gains have come and gone – leaving most investors on the sidelines holding bags. However, it seems that the FOMO is gripping the memecoin market again after a token launched yesterday and surged by over 400% in the first few minutes.

Copium Club, a community-centered token that takes the tenants of the internet and embodies it into the next memecoin sensation, launched just a few hours ago, and it managed to attract over $15 million volume in its first 15 minutes. The project has cleverly blended memecoin FOMO with Twitter influencers to create a project that has the potential to follow the footsteps of PEPE, with some analysts predicting a 100x gain. To find out more, keep reading.

FOMO Strikes Again – COPIUM Sees 400% Surge on Launch

COPIUM, the native token behind Copium Club, launched directly onto Uniswap at 4 PM UTC on May 18th and instantly surged more than 400% as traders piled into the newly birthed memecoin.


In fact, the token managed to attract over $15 million in trading volume in its first 15 minutes of trading;

The project is designed for those who have suffered through the volatility of the crypto market, providing them access to a self-deprecating community where users can cope with their losses together. The project attempts to blend humor with FOMO and memes to create a thriving crypto memecoin that has the potential to grow into a memecoin powerhouse over the coming weeks.

If you’ve constantly bought the top on popular memecoins like PEPE and TURBO, then COPIUM is something for you. The project provides the perfect community where users can cope with the brutal shared experience of navigating the unforgiving crypto markets.

Backed and Incubated By Heavyweight Twitter Influencers

Copium Club is bringing a new meta for memecoins and presales. The team sold 30% of the total supply, around 300,000 $COPIUM, to two hundred crypto traders, influencers, and insiders. This invite-only presale allowed these influencers to purchase just 1 ETH of $COPIUM per wallet, who incubated the project on launch and sent it to their followers.

Some of the notable influencers that are backing the project include big names, such as Faze Banks (2.8 million followers), DeeZee (250,000 followers), Cozomo de’ Medici (290,000 followers), and foobar (130,000 followers). The list continues with over a hundred more influencers with thousands of followers each. 

To ensure the launch was completely fair and influencers couldn’t dump their entire stacks on newcomers in the market, only 10% of the presale holdings were unlocked at launch. The remaining 90% of tokens are to be gradually unlocked linearly over a period of three weeks to help prevent the presale buyers from selling the token and promoting sustainable market dynamics.

Furthermore, a few hours after the launch, the top 200 $COPIUM holders have airdropped an NFT that provides rewards in $COPIUM for holders. The NFT rewards provide a well-designed incentive to keep whales invested in the project as it continues establishing itself as a leading memecoin in the crypto space.

The Copium Tank NFTs fill up with rewards over twenty separate tiers, reflecting the amount of $COPIUM owned. The metadata and visuals of the NFT update every few hours to represent the changing levels in the tank, and holders can collect their airdrop after two weeks.

MEXC Global: Listings Rampage Already Started as Traders Predict 100x Gains

At the time of writing, $COPIUM has managed to attract over $40 million in daily trading volume. As a result, it’s not surprising to learn that exchanges want a piece of this action as the volume directly correlates to their revenues through trading fees.

$COPIUM has already been listed to a major exchange as MEXC Global listed the token just hours after its launch.

With a tier-1 exchange already listing the token, investors suspect more top-10-ranked exchanges will start to join the mix over the coming days.

With the FOMO officially kicking in, it’s not surprising to learn that analysts are expecting 100x returns from this project;

Buy COPIUM During the Dip

The market has somewhat pulled back from its peak, providing those waiting on the sideline with the perfect opportunity to buy the dip and get exposed to $COPIUM at lower prices. The FOMO is definitely hitting investors, as the Twitter account has already accrued an impressive following of over 14,000 users. Furthermore, the Telegram group is also filling up quickly, with almost 2,000 members already joining.

If you missed out on the PEPE and TURBO gains, then $COPIUM needs to be in your portfolio before the market rebounds and starts to surge again. Even if it doesn’t produce 100x returns, a 10x gain is still quite substantial with the current market conditions.

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