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The crypto market has been rising out of the gloom at a steady pace, with monetary numbers of digital assets ascending the trek. While developments, utility, and community engagement have had little impact from the consequences of the market trends. The prices of the digital; assets have taken a majority of the wrath. And the prices ticking up has enticed the fraternity.

Successively, folks are keen on the footsteps and whereabouts of the industry’s prominent protocols, which have been getting more expensive. Amongst a plethora of crypto assets, Polygon has been under active consideration, owing to its fundamentals, developments, and prominence. The recent announcement from The Sandbox and its growing metrics have been fueling optimism.

Will Polygon’s Efforts Help It Conquer The 10th Position By Market Cap?  

The Polygon network has been adding feathers to its cap on a regular basis. In a recent feat, The Sandbox has made announcements that the users can now stake its native digital asset, SAND, on Polygon. The staking initiative is made gas less, with a single token staking mechanism. Beneficiaries would need to bridge their SAND tokens to the Polygon network.

Polygon and Cere network in a collaborative effort have announced the launch of DaVinci, a Web 3.0 media platform. That aims at offering perks from the subscription of NFTs and the creator exhibitions to virtual and real-world fan events. The team aims to store NFT backed assets securely, whilst ensuring verifiable and decentralized data. The monetization will empower the network’s sprawl with NFTs.

The Polygon network has been one of the top trending searches across social platforms, and crypto analytics platforms over the past week. Successively, projects built on the ecosystem have been escalating at a brisk pace. The social signals of numerous projects have recorded noteworthy numbers. Pegaxy, Ape Swap Finance, and tofu NFTs have registered scores counting 139,594, 36,108, and 34,480 respectively

The Layer-2 protocol has been thriving to evolve as a major blockchain in the web 3.0 space.  With the count of dApps over 7000 and more to come, the utility chain has become a go-to destination for emerging projects. On the other hand, the on-chain metrics have been soaring higher as previously cited. Polygon’s TVL in DeFi with $5.5 B is now up against arms with L-1s.

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