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Fantom(FTM) Price 

Fantom price gained wide adoption and attention during the last quarter of 2022, where it surged more than 1870% in a very short time frame. The bull run 2021 did not impact the price much as it did during the last few months. No doubt the NFT dropped to its lower levels, yet managed to hold the trend line. Registering multiple flips along the ascending trend line, the FTM price appears to be poised of smashing $3 levels very soon. 

 The important resistance levels remain along with the same levels in between $2.3 to $2.4 while the support levels remain elevated. Therefore, maintaining a decent swing, the price may eventually hit the crucial resistance levels in the next couple of days. However, somewhere within this month or before the end of Q1 2022 in the worst cases, FTM price may form a new ATH.

Curve DAO Token(CRV) Price

The Curve DAO token had risen significantly to hit the upper crest very close to $7 but the trend flipped drastically further. The asset quickly dropped heavily to hit levels below $2. Here is when the asset quickly flipped the bearish trend and began with a calculative approach.

Instead of undergoing huge variations, the asset began to follow a consistent trend within the ascending parallel channel. Therefore, despite the price plunging a little, the rally maintained its strength. 

The CRV price ever since flipped from the bearish divergence maintained a significant uptrend within an ascending parallel channel. It appeared pretty strong as it traded within the upper levels of the channel. Woefully a drastic plunged dragged the price below the support levels to test the monthly lows just above $2.5.

However, a flip was quickly ignited which assisted the price to re-enter the channel. Currently, the asset is expected to continue consolidating firmly within the channel and hit the middle bands initially. Further, by breaking the upper resistance, the CRV price may head towards higher highs. 

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