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As the Ethereum network inches closer to its Shanghai upgrade that’s scheduled for April 12, crypto users and analysts are eager to see how it impacts the market. One of the most talked-about features of the Shanghai upgrade is that it would facilitate ETH withdrawals from staked contracts. The excitement around the upgrade has also stoked interest in Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies like DigiToads. In their search for credible crypto, people are not shying away from testing new products like DigiToads and diversifying their portfolios especially since it hit the headlines by crossing $410k in presale growth.

Striking a balance between functionality and profitability, DigiToads is a leading meme coin that offers its users multiple income-earning opportunities with its play-to-earn game. Its launch comes at a time when the crypto market is flooded with P2E platforms like The Sand and Axie Infinity. With this Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, users will be able to earn residual incomes via staking, participating in Web 3.0 games, and holding tokens. The platform has launched its native token called TOAD which can be purchased on presale.

With a governance structure inspired by the decentralized autonomous organizations model, the platform’s treasury management encourages community participation via its staking mechanism and trading competitions.

As a cryptocurrency ICO, there are a lot of factors that work in DigiToads’ favour. It’s a utility meme coin with a set of versatile features and it aims to replicate the success demonstrated by other popular meme coins like Shiba Inu and  Dogecoin. Being touted as a high-growth token, the cryptocurrency has envisaged a policy of doling out regular rewards from a prize pool that is supported by a treasury fund. Let’s explore some of its key features.

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A credible crypto with a thriving P2E ecosystem 

If you’re shopping in the market for a beginner cryptocurrency, DigiToads packs an impressive performance. For instance, you get to earn residual income through more than one option, with its play-to-earn platform being an attractive opportunity.

In the Web 3.0 game, players have to acquire a DigiToad either by purchasing them or trading them. Users can also win them through various competitions. These creatures have different capabilities that set them apart. Depending on their strategy, players can opt for a DigiToad with different strengths and weaknesses. They also get to increase their DigiToads abilities by supplying them with food, potions, and training equipment. These items can be bought by players with TOAD Tokens. Next, players have to battle their DigiToad in the metaverse-based swamp arena. At the end of each DigiToad season, which usually lasts for around a month, the top 25% of players with the highest scores are declared winners and are given TOAD tokens as rewards.

A staking mechanism that rewards users’ patience

For many crypto analysts who have reviewed DigiToads, what makes it the best coin to invest in is the fact that it rewards users for their patience. The platform allows its users to stake non-fungible tokens and the rewards are directly proportional to the time they are staked. In other words, the longer an NFT is staked, the higher would be the rewards earned. To ensure that there are always ample funds, the team has set aside 2% of all TOAD transactions for the staking pool. 

A rather interesting feature of this cryptocurrency ICO is the trading competitions it plans to organize. DigiToads would be organizing a trading competition every month, where the trader bringing the highest volume of earnings will get a Platinum Toad. By winning a Platinum Toad, a crypto user becomes eligible for remote access to 1/12th of the DigiToads treasury. The competitions serve the dual purpose of not only incentivizing user participation but also attracting higher trading volumes daily.

In recent times, the global cryptocurrency market is witnessing a rise in philanthropic endeavors by crypto platforms. Take DigiToads’ example. The platform has vouched to donate 2.5% of its profits to charitable organizations working to replant trees and preserve rainforests.

The above-mentioned reasons are just the tip of the iceberg if you are keen on exploring this beginner cryptocurrency. If you track reviews by experts, you will notice that the features that are fetching DigiToads brownie points are its staking mechanism and its play-to-earn vertical which are designed to maximize users’ earnings. Among the cryptocurrency analysts who have reviewed DigiToads, many believe that it has the potential to post returns as high as 450% in the long term future. 

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