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What is ShibaSwap?

Launched in July 2021, the ShibaSwap project was built to be simple to use while providing a wealth of features to satisfy even the most discerning traders. This platform enables users to assign their assets to a wide range of tasks in order to generate cash. With the use of three interconnected tokens within ShibaSwap, an ecosystem that is liquid, profitable, and secure may be built without the need for a single central authority. Here is all the information you need to know about the interconnected tokens in depth if you want to see the full potential of ShibaSwap: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Doge Killer (LEASH), and Bone (BONE).

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

The core of the exchange is SHIB, a meme coin modelled after Dogecoin that was launched in August 2020 by a person going by the alias Ryoshi. Shiba Inu’s mascot, SHIB, utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to offer users the highest level of security and functionality.

There are 549 billion coins in circulation for SHIB. In May 2021, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, burnt 40% of the almost one quadrillion minted tokens that SHIB had started with.

Doge Killer (LEASH)

As the name implies, Doge Killer (LEASH) is an incentive token in the ecosystem that was first intended to displace Dogecoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency with a dog theme. LEASH is a stablecoin-like rebase token whose price is determined by an algorithm that keeps it correlated to other assets. Because there is a relatively small total supply, this mechanism guarantees that LEASH prices are always higher than Dogecoin pricing at any given time. Moreover, since LEASH is no longer tethered to DOGE, it is now more of a store of value.

Bone (BONE)

The ShibaSwap ecosystem’s governance is handled by Bone. By using the Shiba Inu Doggy DAO, users will be able to vote on and propose improvements to the ShibaSwap protocol. Everyone who has a governance token is considered to have voting rights for upcoming choices. Bone is regarded as the most democratic way to run a network that enables user voting on initiatives.

Why Is BONE Going Up?

The Shibarium product, a layer-2 blockchain in the same vein as Polygon (MATIC), has been announced for a public beta, due to launch imminently. With the volume that ShibaSwap would gain from being the first DEX on this blockchain, investors are bullish on BONE and are buying. This has pushed the price nicely since the announcement.

One thing to note is that as people are selling SHIB to buy BONE, the SHIB price is suffering, and that is why SHIB is going down.

Is Avorak AI Better?

Avorak is a full suite of AI products designed for ‘prosumer’ and corporate use. To access the complete range of Avorak machine-learning tools, AVRK will be utilized as credit. From this revenue, a portion of the AVRK that is paid to utilize the items will be given back to AVRK owners. By paying back in the form of AVRK tokens, this creates a positive feedback loop in the system that not only gives those holding AVRK a share of the profit but also encourages the use of Avorak products. This revolutionary passive income system for holders, which is effectively a type of “live dividends” but with a fungible system credit, is formed from the revenue.

Youtubers are already picking up this project from each other, and it won’t be long before it reaches the general public. Acting now to front-run the masses may be the perfect move.

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