Leading online retailer eBay is filling a number of Web3 positions with a focus on KnownOrigin, the non-fungible token market it bought in June. Crypto Counsel, Head of Community, Marketing Executive, and other positions are among those listed.

According to the LinkedIn job advertisement, the Crypto Counsel position will primarily advise KnownOrigin on its expansion into NFTs and other blockchain technologies. As the business goes more deeply into Web3, the hired lawyer will offer legal assistance in collaboration with colleagues in taxation, intellectual property (IP), and security.

“KnownOrigin.io is an early Web3 pioneer, an NFT marketplace empowering a new generation of digital artists to express themselves, find an audience, and earn a living from their passion. And they’re looking for like-minded enthusiasts to join them in their venture,” the company said in the job post.

Despite the difficulties of the bear market, eBay has been entering NFTs during the past few months. The business released a range of hockey-themed NFT tokens using the NFT platform OneOf in May. 

In order to introduce people to digital artifacts, eBay partnered with the fan interaction platform Notable Live earlier this week.

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