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BudBlockz (BLUNT) is one of the rare gems in the cryptocurrency sector. Backed by a real utility in its bid to address real-world problems, the project has what it takes to become one of the most prominent utility tokens. Nevertheless, what is unique about this project makes it an ideal play for anyone seeking exposure in the growing sector.

Crypto-Cannabis Integration

For the longest time, people have been looking for ways to access high-quality cannabis products to no avail. BudBlockz was looking to address this issue by leveraging blockchain technology. Its primary goal is to offer an innovative ecosystem that unites the cannabis industry while providing an opportunity to purchase, sell and invest in an array of products worldwide.

Consequently, it has unveiled a decentralized platform to open up the multi-billion cannabis sector. The platform paves the way for BudBlockz to flex its muscles in a market poised to be worth more than $200 billion by 2030. The platform is built on a decentralized technology to secure the marketplace, protect personal data and provide a transparent market built on trust.

BudBlockz e-commerce Platform

The decentralized e-commerce platform is to provide an easy way to navigate the cannabis market. It should provide an easy way for people to buy and sell high-quality cannabis products for recreational and medicinal purposes securely and transparently.

The platform also addresses all the issues marijuana corporations and entrepreneurs face with seed-to-sale tracking, logistics, and data management. The platform also makes it easy for people to access a wider variety of products powered by the network’s native token, BLUNT. Ensuring transparent and efficient transactions will be the platform’s ultimate goal.

BudBlockz Non-Fungible Token Spree

BudBlockz is also leveraging non-fungible token technology (NFT) to verify eligible community members and grant licenses to people participating in the ecosystem. In addition, the project is leveraging NFT technology to enhance the digitization of real-world products into the ecosystem. The technology should also enhance data security in the ecosystem while enabling the project to perform globally and also open the cannabis trade globally.

Ganja Guruz is the network’s native NFT, which is key to becoming a verified member. Holding the NFTs will grant the holders the opportunity to own fractional stakes in cannabis dispensaries and farms. The 10,000-strong collection will be released on the OpenSea platform to enhance access and purchase. In addition, the tokens will entitle holders to discount codes on cannabis products on sale in various stores. It will also entitle holders to membership in different BudBlockz dispensaries worldwide.

Decentralized Finance Prospects

Another reason to be bullish about BudBlockz’s prospects is the fact that it is delving into the world of decentralized finance. BudSwap is the ecosystem’s DeFi platform that will facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges among users in the network. With the help of BLUNT tokens, people can send and receive cryptocurrencies.

The DeFi platform is to be integrated with BudBlockz wallet to make it easy for users to convert their assets to buy products. The platform also offers staking capabilities allowing people to lock their BLUNT tokens to enhance liquidity in the marketplace. In return, the token holders are entitled to some income from fees generated in the network.

Unlocks Gaming

BudBlockz is staying strong in its push to pursue various avenues for growth. Consequently, it has unveiled BudBlockz Arcade, the first-of-its-kind crypto cannabis-themed gaming platform. The platform consists of an array of retro games that people can play. Winners are to be airdropped their BLUNT rewards to their connected wallet.

Bottom Line

While the cryptocurrency market has been in its winter phase, BudBlockz provides exciting investment opportunities. Its push to address real-world problems in the cannabis industry positions it for tremendous growth amid the worldwide opening up of the marketplace. Additionally, it boasts immense utility around Non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance, and play-to-earn through BudBlockz Arcade.

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