Some hours ago, Coca-Cola has announced that they are teaming up with to release an NFT collection. As per reports, Coca-Cola’s NFT collection is going to have 10,000 World Cup NFTs. World Cup is the biggest sports event in the world. This event occurs every four years and was previously hosted in 2018. This year, Qatar is hosting the World Cup.

To make these NFTs, Coca-Cola teamed up with, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. Thus, the exchange’s NFT platform will host the development and launch of NFTs. For your information, GMUNK operates this platform. GMUNK is a digital artist with a lot of experience in the Web 3 space. This digital artist previously worked with DoorDash, Grimes, and Nike.

Moving on, The Block reports that the collection of 10,000 NFTs will be generated through the real in-game movements of players. Each NFT will be based on the movements that players did throughout FIFA World Cup matches. Needless to say, these collectibles will be available to users. So, fans must sign up at and access the platform to be able to obtain NFTs from this collection.

Coca-Cola World Cup NFTs

The name of the Coca-Cola World Cup NFT collection is “Piece of Magic.” Understanding that both Coca-Cola and are sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, this collaboration comes naturally. To obtain a piece of magic, fans must sign up for a account and then register on Coca-Cola’s Fanzone page.

This collaboration is one of the biggest in the Web 3 space this year. In other news, we have Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest football players alive, partnering up with Binance for an NFT collection. The collection has different collectibles inside, including mystery boxes, personal messages from Ronaldo, and entries to giveaways. Another development in the Web 3 space is the launch of BetDEX on the Solana blockchain. For your information, BetDEX is a decentralized betting exchange. This way, developers are trying to move everything towards decentralization through Web 3. As an exclusive promotion, the exchange made all bets in the World Cup free from fees.

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