If you want to make money during the bull market, you have to lay the foundation during the bear market.

Despite bearish market conditions, there are still plenty of projects that are chugging away, preparing for the next leg up for the market.

An example of a project that continues to plow ahead through the crypto winter is the Move-To-Earn project, Walken.

What Is Walken?

Walken is move-to-earn mobile app that counts the steps of users and then rewards them with tokens, just for walking.

The team behind Appyfurious and GetFit Apps developed the app, and their mission is to link crypto and gaming to an active, healthy lifestyle. 

How Does Walken Work?

The Walken app was built using the standard movement detection capabilities of smart phones and wearable devices to count user steps. The users are then rewarded with WLKN tokens for in-app game play and NFTs

The game has a convenient user interface and no barrier to entry. It is available and accessible to anybody who can download the app.

2 Million Milestone

Because of addictive gameplay and the substantial tokenomics, the growth of this project continues despite bearish macro conditions. During the 5 months of its public beta test, Walken saw substantial community growth, with registered players growing from 1 million in August to 2 million just a few months later.

This confirms significant interest in the game. The team is committed to onboarding even more users from web2 to web3.

Moving forward, the team will continue to build, regardless of market conditions. There are several more updates and events on the horizon, including:

  • Walken Earn: stake $WLKN tokens under fixed or flexible terms, enabling broader token utility and player empowerment
  • Walken Runner: the first hyper-casual game of the ecosystem 
  • CAThlete Merge Event: Exchange 2 CAThletes to 1 CAThlete with a guaranteed higher rarity than Common.
  • Daily tasks will contribute to a diversified and exciting experience with associated rewards.

To keep up with the latest developments, follow the team across their social media accounts or visit their website at https://walken.io/.

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