The FTX debacle has sent ripples throughout the entire crypto industry. Some companies have barely been able to survive the fallout, while others are thriving.

Crypto wallet SafePal is an example of a blockchain company in a position to thrive following FTX’s insolvency.

What Is SafePal?

SafePal is a Binance-backed, decentralized wallet brand. They offer software/hardware/extension wallets on a crypto management platform that allows users to store, manage, swap, and trade their crypto assets. Safepal supports 15 languages, 54 blockchains, and they have over 7 million customers.

Safepal is also the first and only hardware wallet team invested in by Binance Labs.

Why Is SafePal Currently Thriving Post-FTX?

If there is one lesson everybody learned from the FTX implosion, it is the importance of taking custody of crypto assets instead of trusting them to a third party.

In the past two weeks, users have flocked to non-custodial solutions for storing their coins.

As a decentralized wallet brand that has been building since 2017, SafePal is in perfect position to benefit from a transition to users taking control of their own crypto security.

In the wake of FTX’s insolvency, traffic to SafePal’s website has increased 10x, with sales of their hardware wallets reaching a record high in the same time period.

According to SafePal CEO Veronica Wong: “The recent FTX situation has taught the industry an important lesson about decentralization and transparency. As more people realize the importance of taking full control of their assets, SafePal will become one of the  major web3 gateways for the crypto masses.”

There has never been a better time to buy a hardware wallet to safely store your crypto, instead of trusting it to potential nefarious characters, like SBF.

You can buy a hardware wallet today by visiting

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