The post Polygon Will Likely Want To Cross-Chain Deploy On Their Network After Launch appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News is one of the newest treasury value-driven protocols on Ethereum, set to launch imminently. The presale has created noise across Ethereum-alternative network communities, mostly from intrigued potential investors.

With many of these chains issuing incentives for deploying on their networks, Uniglo would likely see some offers for cross-chain deployment sooner or later.


Polygon has been one of the more bullish cryptos of the last six months, with news about collaborations as large as Disney bringing about positive sentiment for the chain.

With the ability to scale far better than Ethereum, and transactions costing cents rather than dollars, Polygon is building grounding for a solid future. With a desire to bring as much liquidity, use case, and quality projects into the Polygon ecosystem, Uniglo would likely be a target for bringing cross-chain.

The Polygon team has already given millions of dollars to projects like Uniswap, Aave, and others that can bring much more value to the network. The incentives will continue to be doled out to those platforms worthy of them.

Why is Uniglo worthy?

Uniglo has already been rated as one of the best cryptos to invest in for 2022, and this is not really a surprise after flicking through the whitepaper.

The project aims to develop a treasury of tokenized real-world assets that have shown sustained gains and are usually considered safe investments. These assets will be held in the Glo Vault, where the appreciation in value is delivered back to holders of the GLO token. Providing fractional investment opportunities is something many investors with smaller capital are always on the lookout for. Providing access to these fractional investments of high-ticket price items is incredibly bullish for GLO holders.

In addition to this fractional treasury ownership and sound protocol safety in full contract auditing, the team is also deploying an in-built token burn. This will cause a long-term deflationary effect, meaning each GLO token will slowly equal a higher percentage of treasury ownership.

Last thoughts

This incredible concept of generating wealth through fractional investment, and allowing smaller investors access to high-value items, will no doubt be something the Polygon team will want to deploy on their network. Time will tell, but such a cross-chain move will be incredibly bullish for all involved.

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