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FTX is making huge headlines in recent times as it has shaken the entire crypto space. Bitcoin & altcoins have witnessed a massive drop of an average of 10% to 15%. Moreover, when the assets were hacked and swapped for ETH & DAI, the markets witnessed a fresh plunge, marking new lows. 

While many speculations were around about the identity of the hacker, he/she may be an insider trying to accumulate the remaining funds, labelling it as a ‘hack’. But the real identity of the hacker may not be a secret for a longer time. 

Oxscope, the very first Web3 knowledge graph protocol in its recent tweet claims to have a smart money address that can track the activity of the hacker. Interestingly, the platform affirms that the address used by the hacker belongs to the Binance exchange. 

The platform unveiled the activity of the suspicious address that transferred USDC to Binance. Hence it may be assumed that the Binance exchange may have the KYC of the address and hence could reveal the identity of the hacker. 

Alongside, they also revealed that they found an address that always borrows more than $10 million UDSC tokens against ETH and deposits it to the exchange. This happens each time before the hacker dumps ETH, and Binance should be aware of this. 

However, Binance is yet to clarify its stand, as it continues to remain silent on the new findings. As a centralized exchange, the platform needs to have the details of the hacker and check them with its KYC. Therefore, the exchange is expected to clear up the rumours before they worsen. 

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