Only two days after declaring that he thought smart contracts would significantly influence the development of useful applications, billionaire Mark Cuban, an investor in SharkTank, stopped following a number of cryptocurrency accounts.

He mainly removed those who were not following him. Cuban claimed he was still interested in cryptocurrency. However, after he claimed last month that cryptocurrency had grown rather monotonous, many saw it as an indication that he would be moving away from it.

As FTX plummeted within only 2 days this month, tremendous activity ended a four-month sideways trend in cryptocurrency and made it once again exciting.

After those incidents, many cryptocurrency investors pledged to keep investing, including Cuban. However, some people now interpret the unfollowing of Cuban as an attempt to separate himself from the cryptocurrency community.

Mark Cuban unfollowed MetaMask, DeFi Pulse, The Block, Uniswap, Nansen, and Solana. 

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