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ICO Presale Fun Toonie Takeover

It has been an extremely busy year in the world of cryptocurrency. Over 300 million people now trade cryptocurrencies while daily transactions now easily surpass the $100bn mark. Unsurprisingly, a glut of new digital tokens has entered the market, taking the total number of unique cryptocurrencies to over 20,000 and counting in 2022. However, some perform better than others.

While investors in any environment would gladly take a slice of good fortune, the digital assets that perform well are not determined by luck alone. Far from it. Right now, Big Eyes Coin is at real risk of being one of the year’s big losers while Toon Finance has emerged as one of the top assets to hold in 2023. Here’s why.

Big Eyes Coin falls short Toon Finance leads

With its cute kitty-based token, Big Eyes launched its pre-sale phase with high hopes of matching the success of DogeCoin and other popular meme coins but with almost instant results at launch. While the platform has yet to officially launch its BIG coin, signs of potential shortcomings have already emerged. 

At a glance, Big Eyes is doing fine. With 3589.74 BIG tokens equating to $1, the company has successfully raised over $9.7m of its $10,700,000.00 presale ICO target. Meanwhile, the token can be purchased through USD payments or popular digital currencies like ETH and BNB. Confirmation that it will be available on Uniswap is another positive development.

Big Eyes is a DeFi economy that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and delivers safe, fast, and decentralized transactions in an accessible, user-friendly, and innovative fashion. On the act of things, the opportunity to embrace a cute meme coin from launch stands out as an ideal introduction to crypto investments for new investors as well as a low-risk portfolio booster for experienced investors.

However, when you scratch beneath the surface, Big Eyes Coin has already underperformed by failing to sell out its pre-sale allocation while even its $250 competition has yet to transform the fortunes of the token. 

Big Eyes has brought some intrigue to the industry while the fluffy, cartoon images are equally as impressive as those used by the dog-related meme coins. However, a difficult year for DOGE and Shiba Inu – which has fallen from $0.000079 in late October 2021 to under $0.00001 – will undoubtedly cause concern regarding the long-term prospects of any meme coin. 

The market is recovering from the crash but global economic difficulties will inevitably cause hesitation from investors when it comes to acting purely on speculation. In a world where information is available at our fingertips, people rightly want to scrutinize investments to validate their choices. Furthermore, many analysts predict that a repeat of those exponential bull runs of 2021 simply cannot be repeated by coins that rely on novelty alone. 

Ultimately, the potential of Big Eyes to spark some interest is clear, but the big question is “then what?”. The answer is, sadly, “nothing”. Aside from the fact that investments will contribute to the platform’s 5% charity donation, the BIG token is just a fun digital asset with no real purpose. There lies the problem.

Toon Finance is set to combine novelty with function

The ability of meme coins to attract investors and take crypto into the public consciousness has been a driving force in the new era of cryptocurrency investments. While the ship for novelty alone may have passed – especially when looking at the forecasts for BIG before it has even launched – it has shown the demand for accessibility as the appeal of investments continues to expand beyond blockchain supporters to a wide range of demographics.

Another upcoming token currency in its pre-sale phase is Toon Finance. And by combining the novelty aspects with genuine long-term function, it looks set to enjoy a phenomenal 2023 with many analysts forecasting a major bull run shortly after its official launch on January, 1. 

Having only launched its pre-sale phase in the second week of October, Toon Finance has sold an impressive $2.75m worth of its native TFI coin. Moreover, its ICO has been included on CoinMarketCap,, and KuCoin. Interest in the digital token is further highlighted by the fact that it has become the most searched-for asset on CoinMarketCap.

The fun cartoon mascots certainly capture the attention but the early success and long-term prospects of Toon Fi is primarily attributed to its function within the context of the Toon Finance metaverse. The P2E platform is geared towards gamers with the Space Battle Grounds arena allowing players to compete against other members of the growing community through a range of games. Lotteries and other fun initiatives ensure that the digital space will be a truly immersive experience for members.

Toon Finance is technically a meme coin as it was named after a meme. However, the platform has a serious application and is about far more than its native token, but its success will surely open the door to significant growth. Having already outperformed Big Cat and TAMAdodge, which also had a positive start before losing some momentum, TFI is the hottest token due for an imminent release.

New digital assets are the way to go in 2023

After a difficult 2022 for the crypto industry – as well as real-world investments – 2023 promises to be far more pleasing. Embracing ICOs and early launch investments could signal the perfect opportunity for investors to reach their short and long-term financial objectives. Not least because there is a chance to build a diverse portfolio thanks to the low purchase prices involved. 

The landscape is changing as the top new digital tokens will combine the best features of meme coins with those of utility coins to provide genuine function. Whether ToonFi or other new tokens can emulate the boom of 2021 remains to be seen, but it is clear that there is a potential for huge ROIs. After seeing how quickly things can change, though, early investments will be the key to maximized returns.

Once a prime candidate has been found, now is the time to join the party.

The ICO Presale – What is it and should you participate?

An ICO presale is a period of time before the main ICO event when a project sells tokens to strategic investors at a discounted price. This is usually done in order to raise funds to finance the main ICO event. If you’re thinking of participating in an ICO presale, there are a few things you should know. In this blog post, we’ll cover what an ICO presale is, how it works, and whether or not you should participate in one. 

What is an ICO Presale? 

An ICO presale (also sometimes called a private sale or pre-ICO) is a period of time before the main ICO event when a project sells tokens to strategic investors at a discounted price. This is usually done in order to raise funds to finance the main ICO event. 

During an ICO presale, a project will offer tokens at a significantly lower price than they will during the main ICO event. For example, if the main ICO event price for 1 token is $1, the project might offer tokens during the presale at $0.50 each. The aim of this is to attract larger investors who are willing to commit more money upfront in exchange for a discount. 

It’s important to note that not all projects hold an ICO presale – some only have a main ICO event. And not all projects that do have an ICO presale make it open to the public. In some cases, the presale may be invitation-only and only available to accredited investors. 

How Does an ICO Presale Work? 

If you’re interested in participating in an ICO presale, there are usually two ways you can go about it. The first is through an exchange and the second is directly through the project’s website. 

If you choose to participate through an exchange, you’ll need to create an account and deposit funds into it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to buy tokens during the ICO presale at the specified price. 

Should You Participate in anICO Presale? 

Whether or not you should participate in anICO presale depends on a few factors. Firstly, do your research on the project and make sure you believe in its long-term viability. Secondly, consider whether or not you’re comfortable with taking on more risk – remember that as with any investment, there’s always a chance you could lose your money entirely.

And finally, make sure you understand how much money you’re willing to invest and stick to that budget – don’t get caught up in FOMO (fear of missing out) and end up investing more than you can afford to lose! 

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