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Bitcoin’s crash, triggered by the implosion of the popular crypto exchange FTX, is now trading in a fear zone, creating uncertainty among investors. Moreover, Bitcoin’s current solid bearish trend has raised concerns about its stability, as it has dropped over 22% since June.

As the recent bankruptcy filed by FTX wiped out a massive amount of Bitcoin from the crypto market, the scarcity in circulation may lead to a significant price drop for BTC soon.  

FTX Bankruptcy To Bring Max Pain For BTC!

FTX’s native token, FTT, which once bragged lucrative profits for investors and traders, is now struggling to hold even $2. The collapse of the FTT token has created extreme selling pressure, which brought several cryptocurrencies to the bottom line.

Moreover, the current bearish momentum of the market will tend to extend further as FTX’s bankruptcy has robbed a massive amount of crypto funds from the market, creating maximum pressure on the downtrend.

A well-known crypto trader and analyst, Doctor Profit, hinted that FTX’s bankruptcy filing might play a leading role in plunging Bitcoin’s price hard to the bottom level. According to him, the effect of the bankruptcy created a situation of robbery where big whale investors lost their BTC holdings which were locked in FTX, and would never get their funds back. 

The analyst further claimed an internal connection between the government authorities and exchanges by noting, “Historic mass robbery taking place on the part of exchanges, lending platforms and a few dozen coin operators with mysterious ties to certain governments around the world. It looks like some governments failed to accumulate enough Bitcoin, so they take what they want.”

Bitcoin Can Face More Challenges 

The entire crypto space is facing economic challenges due to the current FTX drama, and it is expected to worsen in the upcoming days as FTX’s bankruptcy is acting as a black hole in the crypto market. As Bitcoin is seen dangling near its yearly lows, investors continue to liquidate their positions to avoid any unexpected price fluctuation in the near future. 


According to on-chain data provider, LookIntoBitcoin, the MVRV Z-Score trend line has reached the bottom since 2019, making Bitcoin more undervalued than its fair value. The indicator further indicates that Bitcoin may spend more time in its bottom range and drop to the final capitulation zone, hinting at a price range of $12K. 

Trading view

Bitcoin is currently trading at $16.6K after facing rejection at its immediate resistance level of $17K. The RSI-14 indicator is trading at an overselling region near the 35-level, which may bring more price drops for BTC as the rate of liquidation continues to spike. The MACD line is also falling sharply in the negative region, extending the recovery time for Bitcoin from the current bearish mud. 

Bitcoin may drop heavily if it fails to hold its price above the Bollinger band’s lower limit of $15.5K, below which BTC price may trade at a range of $12.5K-$14K. To initiate a fresh bull run, Bitcoin needs to retest its immediate support level at $16K, and a breakout above the fundamental resistance level of $18K may sketch a bullish scenario for the crypto king.

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