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Why is BudBlockz in the News?

BudBlockz has been designed as a decentralized e-commerce platform for exploring trade, product development, research, and business opportunities in the global cannabis market. With BudBlockz, entrepreneurs and corporations working in the cannabis sector can look forward to securing legal access to an industry that till now has been heavily regulated. 

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it compatible with leading blockchain networks and digital wallets. Its plans include setting up cannabis farms and dispensaries worldwide to boost product development, market access, research, educational initiatives, and trade. Plus, over the long term, it would assist marijuana entrepreneurs and firms in ramping up their growth trajectory by tackling issues like problems in fundraising, logistical challenges, seed-to-sail tracking, and data management. It has also rolled out a native token called $BLUNT which will be used for staking, liquidity pool acquisition voting, accessing rewards, and signing petitions. The token supply has been fixed at 420,000,000 units and will be available on presale. The $BLUNT token is built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol.

BudBlockz has garnered many positive reviews from cryptocurrency analysts because of its security features and growth potential. Many analysts who have reviewed the platform believe it has higher growth potential than many other top-performing cryptocurrencies as it gives its users multiple sources to earn passive income. Plus, as it incentivizes participation with rewards, users are amply compensated for their loyalty. 

Regarding security, the platform ensures transparency in its operations while paving the way for permissionless participation. The platform has got its smart contracts audited by third-party institutions like Solidity Finance. A key feature of the $BLUNT Token that inspires investor confidence in the cryptocurrency is its deflationary model. The team burns the tokens frequently to keep their supply scarce intentionally. A limited supply tames down price fluctuations and stabilizes the value of the $BLUNT Token. The platform organizes ‘How High’ token burn events for the same purpose. At the same time, if any $BLUNT Tokens remain unsold during token generation events, they will also be burned.

How can BudBlockz Help Investors Mint New Gains?

BudBlockz has been courting popularity for quite some time now. One of the key reasons behind investor interest remains the multiple opportunities to earn passive income in an industry that is often seen as heavily regulated. Users can access attractive rewards by staking the $BLUNT tokens. Given BudBlockz’s policy of incentivizing user engagement, the more the users participate, the higher the rewards will be. 

Blue Chip Ganja Guruz NFT Collection

BudBlockz will launch a limited-series non-fungible token (NFT) collection. With a total supply of 10,000 units, these NFTs are inspired by popular video games of the 1990s, and the collection is called ‘Ganja Guruz.’ These assets are built on the ERC-721 standard of the Ethereum blockchain.

By buying these NFTs, users will also be able to become fractional owners of the cannabis dispensaries and farms that BudBlockz plans to set up. Fractional ownership works like a regular investment wherein users can earn a dividend. 

Another option that BudBlockz offers to its users is its play-to-earn BudBlockz Arcade gaming ecosystem. BudBlockz Arcade comprises a range of arcade games inspired by popular video games from 1998. On winning, they stand to win rewards in terms of $BLUNT Tokens. These rewards will be airdropped and immediately credited to the players’ linked wallets. What’s more, is that NFT owners can use their Ganja Guruz NFT as a digital avatar in these arcade games. While buying these NFTs, buyers can choose from a range of avatars that sport different characteristics and interests, like cannabis, anime, and gambling.

To mint your own BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFT visit:

Once on the page click the “Mint Now” button and connect your ERC20 compatible wallet. You will be able to mint your Ganja Guruz NFT for 0.09 ETH. 

Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website:
Presale Registration: 

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