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Because of the Internet and the various nations that have adopted it, the globe isn’t any more same. People’s health is becoming more straightforward because of the web from all walks of life to access information from any corner of the world, share their ideas and thoughts, and collaborate on projects. Cryptos and Altcoins have created a new, safe, and unreliable channel for cashless transactions. Utilize the Quantum AI to improve the exchange abilities.

Blockchain technology has made cryptocurrency transactions cheaper and faster than conventional payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers. Read more about The Second Crypto War: The Internet Development in the Current Era.

What is a Smart Contract?

Using distributed ledger, a consensus mechanism is a process designed to speed up, confirm, or regulate the negotiating or execution of an arrangement. Financial intermediaries are identified and loaded only with the conditions of the transaction. They are software programs that can be activated when certain conditions are met.

Modules are employed to streamline the management of several types of commercial partnerships. The most prominent example of intelligent contracts is those used in crowdfunding to implement trustless escrow with an auditable and irreversible payment.

Why are Smart Contracts Needed?

Intelligent contracts play a crucial role in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Using blockchain technology makes it possible to create a trustless, decentralized network where people can exchange goods and services without needing a trusted intermediary (such as a bank or government). However, smart contracts are required to make a fully autonomous blockchain-based system work.

The “Independent Vehicle” situation is probably the most well-known example of an issue that is only addressed with a consensus mechanism. Suppose there’s an autonomous car on the highway, and it runs out of fuel. The driver would notice the energy running out in a regular car and then refuel the vehicle. In an autonomous car, however, no one is there to see that the fuel is running out. Whatever transpires then in this circumstance? Consumers may use a consensus protocol to solve this issue.

Ethereum’s ERC-20 Standard and its Problems

ERC-20 is a standard for token-based intelligent contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s smart contracts implement many Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and ERC-20 is the most common standard. More than $30 billion has been raised using this standard. However, a problem has arisen: some of these tokens are not useful for their intended purpose. Some passes are simply a means of speculation and investment and do not represent any ownership in a company or future profits.

Another problem with the ERC-20 standard is that it doesn’t provide any proper built-in functionality. Token developers are essentially free to implement whatever they want, which leads to many different kinds of tokens having completely different sets of functions. It makes it challenging to integrate these tokens with other applications and also makes it more difficult to create a user token.

How to Fix the Issues with ERC-20

To solve the problems of ERC-20, there has been an effort to create a more robust standard than the original. This standard is the ERC-777 standard. The ERC-777 bar has the same functionality as the ERC-20 standard and includes a few extra functions, such as a “lock” on the contract and the ability to add a “token endowment.” The ERC-777 standard also includes a more detailed description of the issued tokens. It prevents confusion that sometimes arises when trying to understand what a token does since there might be several different tokens with the same name.


Blockchain technology has made cryptocurrency transactions cheaper and faster than conventional payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers. Distributed ledger technology has grown increasingly beneficial as well as safeguarded by configuration through the use of consensus mechanisms. Nowadays, spanning finance through supplier logistics services, these advantages of cryptographic smartphones and electronic agreements can be witnessed. All this technological advancement has happened in the last few years. Authors think that what innovation can do for the globe is only getting started. We expect many more technological advances to come in the next few years.

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