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According to the Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik, layer 3 would serve a different purpose compared to layer 2 which is focused on scalability. The primary focus of layer 3 is to provide security and decentralization.

The Co-Founder believes that layer 3 serves distinct purposes and has specialized functionality. It would only make sense if it offered different capabilities than layer 2, which is primarily used to improve scaling via Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup technology.

According to Buterin, one of the original goals for layer 3 was for bespoke features, which he claims were incorporated after privacy-centric applications that utilized ZK proofs to submit private transactions to layer 2.

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The second vision for layer 3 is to offer general-purpose solutions that can work with any application on Ethereum. This would allow for greater flexibility and composability, as well as the potential to reuse code across different projects.

Buterin’s vision is for layer 3 to be used as a stepping stone toward Ethereum 2.0. He believes that it can provide the foundation for a more scalable and secure Ethereum network, while also serving as a testbed for new features and technologies.

 Layer 3 can be used for weakly-trusted scaling with validiums

Buterin went on to say that layer 3 could also be used for “weakly-trusted” scaling with Validiums, a technology based on zero-knowledge proofs. He added that it’s still unclear whether layer-3 structures will be more efficient than the current layer-2 model when it comes to building customized applications on Ethereum.

Layer 3 is still in its early stages of development but Buterin is confident that it will eventually reach its full potential. He is urging developers to start building on layer 3 now so that they can be ready for when the network grows and scales.

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