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We believe that in the nearest future all things that were created in the real world will be moved to a metaverse. We want to believe that no one would want to miss the opportunity to participate in the creation of this world of the future. So we are pleased to announce the first passive income lottery – Spin Cat NFT Lottery – based on the Ethereum network.

The primary goal is to create an opportunity for the NFT holders to earn from the project. Each NFT holder will have passive income from the total lottery income. Developing a community with supportive members is very important that NFT’s are used as a “business” relic and holders successfully benefit and profit from the amount of time they hold these NFT’s. 

Why should I join?

First of all, Spin Cat NFT Lottery is a club. If you buy one of NFTs, you will automatically receive VIP status. VIP club NFT SPIN CAT will have passive income in the form of 20% of the total income of the project. Also, the NFT holder will be able to participate in jackpots. Where Jackpot is a storage of 2% of a daily income from selling lottery tickets, and each member of our club will have an opportunity to win it (randomly). These jackpots will be carried out every week for NFT holders, so the creators of the project are sure that all their true supporters will be able to win regularly. Moreover, VIP club members will have even more privileges in the future.  VIPs will receive free coins of our projects and also they will have exclusive rights to receive 5% of each lottery ticket paid by your referral.

Things that distinguish this projects from others

 – Passive income

 – Supportive & Growing community

 – Opportunities to enhance and secure your earnings

 – Collaborations with other projects

 – The project already has investors and a hard-working Team, who is ready to answer all your questions in discord, twitter anytime. 

The Roadmap

1) April – July 2022 community and lottery creation.

2) August 2022 – Lottery launch

3) August 10, 11 – Preliminary sale (for participants of the whitelist) / sale (public mint)

4) November 2022 – launch of the cryptocurrency exchange on the lottery’s website.

5) January 2022 –  “spin cat token” launch

6) March 2023 – creation of a cat incubator. You will have an opportunity to breed your NFT kittens. Each kitten will be enrolled in the VIP club, which will bring additional 10% earnings from the project. In the VIP club, which will bring additional 10% earnings from the project.

If you want to learn more, we highly recommend you to join Spin Cat’s twitter account and discord. Especially because there is currently going whitelist giveaway and you will have more chances to win, if you join them right now

Important dates

The pre-sale of the NFT’s will take place on on August 10 2022 at 8 p.m. UTC. The cost of the NFT will be 0.06 ETH.

The public mint will take place on August 11 2022 on at 8 p.m. UTC. The cost of the NFT will be 0.09 ETH.





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