CryptoSlate’s Akiba sat down with Hassan Malik, Senior Software Engineer for MetaMask Snaps, in his first ever interview on camera during EthCC week in Paris. This exclusive interview explains some of the features that will be available in Metamask Snaps.

More details on MetaMask Snaps can be found on the Metamask website.

“Snaps is a system that allows anyone to safely expand the capabilities of MetaMask. A “snap” is a program that we run in an isolated environment that can customize the wallet experience.”

Essentially, a “snap” is a sandbox environment allowing dApps to access a MetaMask API to call previously unavailable methods creating a “fully virtualizable execution environment.”

MetaMask Snaps are currently only available in a testing environment but are scheduled to go live later this year. Malik told CryptoSlate that developers have already built “snaps” to allow dApps to connect to Bitcoin, Solana, and FileCoin. Any dApp can utilize a “snap” once deployed, meaning EVM-compatible dApps can access the Bitcoin network through the enabled “snap.”

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