• BUFF has partnered with MonkeyLeague to enter the web3 gaming space.
    • Unique Monkey NFTs will be made available to the BUFF community.
    • MonkeyLeague entered partnerships with YGG, UNIX Gaming, Breeder DAO, Avocado DAO, and more.

Gaming giant BUFF has partnered with web3 gaming pioneer MonkeyLeague to enter the space of the third generation of web technologies, sources tell CQ.

According to information shared with CQ, BUFF is already setting its sights on entering the web3 space, and it has tapped MonkeyLeague to expand its services to more users, particularly communities within web3.

Elay De Beer, CEO of BUFF, acknowledges that the market of blockchain games is “accelerating and maintaining a big growth potential.” Thus, deciding to partner with an established web3 gaming platform to help the company’s transition.

BUFF decided to explore this space by partnering with the best games in the industry, and MonkeyLeague is certainly one of them. Buff will expose its millions of global players to new games and continue to lead as the ‘loyalty platform for the gamers’ community.

The MonkeyLeague team echoed this sentiment that partnerships are important in building the foundation of web3. In similar context, Head of Marketing Partnerships, Oren Langberg said:

MonkeyLeague has an unprecedented vision for web3 gaming, and nothing will stop us from achieving it. We are constantly seeking to partner with the best that support that vision, and BUFF is a strategic long-term partnership that will be the first bridge between web2 and web3. We are beyond excited for what the future holds for this partnership.

Interestingly, this collaboration will also introduce a special edition of Monkey NFTs for the BUFF community. According to the team, this will highlight the potential and appeal of NFTs to the web2 community.

The two companies told CQ that the partnership may also lead to developments across e-sports, AMAs, contests, streaming, and community-building.

For the uninitiated, BUFF issues player loyalty rewards for titles such as Fortnite, Valorant, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and more. It is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

Meanwhile, MonkeyLeague has been busy growing its partnership portfolio after collaborating with web3 platforms, including YGG, UNIX Gaming, Breeder DAO, Avocado DAO, and more. 

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