Block Forest, Shiba Inu Team Up To Create NFT for FIFA World Cup

  • Block Forest, and Shiba Inu partnered to create the FIFA World Cup 2022 NFTs.
  • Block Forest is a decentralized distributed platform on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Qatar World Cup 2022 NFT is the key NFT project of the World Cup.

Blockchain Block Forest and meme coin Shiba Inu recently inked a strategic partnership to create an NFT for FIFA World Cup 2022.

For the plunging SHIB, creating the NFTs is expected to be a way back to normal. However, after the tweet, many Twitter users decried Shiba Inu, pointing out that the meme coin was too weak. 

Block Forest is a BFT-DAO reward mechanism and viral fission 6-level profit-sharing platform. The Block Forest team has also tweeted the same post announcing the NFT creation. Moreso, Block Forest flattered Shiba Inu and remarked that with the support and cooperation from both teams, they will boost the NFT project.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 NFT collection, which works on the TRON network, is the largest NFT project related to the World Cup. Meanwhile, the QATAR 2022 token (FWC) trades at $0.00000000004916 at the time of writing. On May 10, the NFT platform tweeted that it was giving away five free player card NFT mints in 72 hours.

This NFT team also created flag-based NFTs of different countries, where people could buy a masterpiece of a flag and get a player NFT from the same country for free. Besides these, Qatar 2022 Token had also partnered with the TRON community, and people could buy two flags, and get a free masterpiece of the Squid Game collection.

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