• Univers network partnered with VR Connections.
  • By this, Univers offers core products to its community of developers and studios.
  • Univers’ SDK, Avalon, UCE, and Univers Foundation are the products.

Metaverse network Univers has integrated with VR Connections, the immersive reality management platform connecting metaverses. This partnership allows Univers to empower a wide community of developers and studios by offering its core products. This includes a software development kit (SDK) to create metaverse experiences transcending one platform.

With the proliferation of technology, many tech firms are switching to their own versions of the metaverse. Also, many companies are competing to dominate Web3, which builds a fragmented digital ecosystem. This divide or fragmentation leads to a significant gap in interoperability and compatibility between platforms for users and independent developers. Furthermore, the whole process creates increased entry barriers and stagnates the wider adoption of technology.

More specifically, it is at this stage of the technological divide that the Univers platform tackles the mentioned challenges, by building infrastructure to connect metaverse platforms seamlessly. Notably, the platform brings four important products intended to build bridges between metaverses within its framework. Following is the list of products:

Univers’ SDK

The open-source SDK of Univers allows both on-chain and off-chain projects to consume the Univers framework. This is to build blockchain-based experiences that operate across multiple metaverse networks. The toolbox allows creators with little blockchain expertise to build interactive games and experiences.


Avalon is the central part of the Univers platform. It operates as a pathway to metaverse projects that utilize the framework. Additionally, Avalon is also Univers’ social hub featuring mini-games, marketplaces, and events that allow users to carry their data across the Univers network.

Univers Consumer Events (UCE)

This product provides a venue and forum to host live events and conferences within the Univers ecosystem. It is built to foster a community around independent creators and upcoming projects, and UCEs utilize mixed reality.

The Univers Foundation

The Univers Foundation is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) aimed to provide opportunities for developers, creators, and studios. Here, this community of people can grow via capital investment, mentorship, and assistance. The foundation acts as an incubator for raising funds through token sales, allowing holders to vote on high-impact developments within Avalon.

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