LaLiga Matchday Jerseys of All 20 Clubs To Be Released as NFTs

  • Actual Barcelona and Madrid players’ matchday jerseys to be promoted as NFTs.
  • Players’ kits will be included in the collection as “football lockers”.
  • The NFTs will be integrated into the website first and the app later this year

LaLiga, Spain’s soccer league, and GreenPark Sports, a Los Angeles-based online gaming platform, have announced an expansion of their multi-year licensing partnership to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of matchday collectibles in their portal.

The NFTs will feature a collection of matchday Jerseys from all 20 LaLiga clubs, enabling fans to purchase their favorite team and players’ jerseys from specific games to commemorate some of the greatest performances and matches.

Moreover, fans will also have the opportunity to buy “football lockers” that includes a collection of player kits from matchday. The collection will feature equal prominence in future drops.

GreenPark plans to inaugurate the collection of matchday jerseys on its website in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, the collectibles will be integrated into the app later this year. Earlier, the gaming platform raised $31 million in Series B funding and launched its first NFT in October 2022.

To enable its users to compete, connect, and celebrate gaming in a virtual world augmented by live gameplay data, GreenPark plans to expand LaLiga World alongside other collaborations beyond USA and Canada as they achieve some massive fan bases across the globe.

Greenpark and LaLiga’s partnership is designed to engage next-generation technophile soccer enthusiasts to participate as any selected player from LaLiga Santander’s team in various virtual matches, challenges, and minigames.

Since such NFTs as sports collectibles and virtual game kits command high prices, GreenPark is skeptical of how fans can accrue these collectibles monetarily. Regardless of their price, there is a demand for these tokens, especially among US fans.

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