HUMAN Protocol

    • The HUMAN Protocol awards a grant to VeritaTrust to power on-chain reviews.
    • The foundation had announced dedicating $10 Million to the grants program earlier.
    • VeritaTrust is delighted to have won the grant.

HUMAN Protocol, an open source infrastructure, announced today that it has awarded a grant to VeritaTrust to power on-chain reviews. VeritaTrust is a decentralized system that uses blockchain, AI, and machine learning to help e-commerce businesses improve the online shopping experience.

It was in October last year that the foundation announced that it was dedicating $10 million funds to the grants program to support a new generation of projects looking to adopt and build on top of HUMAN Protocol.

The program was created to help people realize the potential of HUMAN Protocol across new applications and use cases, contribute to it and build on top. This is the foundation’s first grant since the inception of the program.

“It is a highly compatible partnership,” said Andreas Schemm, who heads the grants program for HUMAN Protocol.

We are delighted to be working with the VeritaTrust team to fund their work as they seek to build using our blockchain technology and reward mechanisms to improve e-commerce solutions.”

Additionally, Brahim Ben Helal, founder of VeritaTrust and former director of Strategic Development at Trustpilot stated that the HUMAN Protocol shares their vision of rewarding contribution.

So far, they have successfully brought hCaptcha on-chain to allow people to earn for their ‘clicks.’ Their method of evaluating and paying out micro-work on-chain is a great solution for our needs; by leveraging this technology, we can pay out reviewers automatically on-chain thanks to the power of smart contracts.

HUMAN Protocol is a broadly applicable solution to the management of distributed workforces. It started by bringing hCaptcha – the bot blocker – on-chain, to reward individual workers for the key ML work they were completing by solving these CAPTCHAs. This $10 million grant fund is expected to supercharge HUMAN adoption.

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