• Wall street banking giant Goldman Sachs says they are exploring NFTs, specifically the “tokenization of real assets”.
  • The firm’s Head of Digital Assets, Mathew McDermott announced this at the Financial Times Crypto and Digital Summit.
  • Goldman Sachs now offers crypto-related financial instruments like Bitcoin on OTC crypto-trading services.

This week, US banking giant Goldman Sachs announced that it is exploring the “tokenization of real assets” by exploring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The momentum in the digital asset space has risen throughout the year. The number of industries showing interest in digital assets and the metaverse continues to increase, with no immediate signs of a slowdown.

In other words, NFT and metaverse-related trademark filings continue to seize the crypto news headlines, as do government actions to curb the uptrend in illegal activity.

On Wednesday, at the Financial Times Crypto and Digital Assets Summit, Mathew McDermott – the Global Head of Digital Assets at Goldman Sachs said,

We are actually exploring NFTs in the context of financial instruments, and actually there the power is actually quite powerful. So we work on a number of things.

Moreover, Goldman Sachs is not owning back on cryptos, NFTs, and the metaverse. In January, the US banking giant reportedly named the metaverse an $8 trillion opportunity. 

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs has not only funded crypto start-ups but has also offered crypto-related financial instruments, including Bitcoin (BTC) products on OTC crypto-trading services.

The Banking giant joined the expansion of NFTs, and the subject of tokenization of assets has become a popular one. NFTs are industry agnostic, with the idea of tokenization offering boundless opportunities.

While there have been a bunch of live cases of booming tokenization of assets. The tokenization of financial agencies has drawn greater interest in recent months.

This week, DeFi protocol Portal collaborated with HighCircleX (HCX) to tokenize pre-initial public offering (IPO) firm stocks.

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