Metaverse and Play-to-Earn (P2E) are fast becoming household names in the world of crypto and blockchain. The metaverse is simply a term used to describe the concept of a virtual world that allows people to game, interact, and experience things in real-time, as they would in the real world.

P2E, on the other hand, is a blockchain gaming model that combines the gaming industry with the crypto market, giving gamers the opportunities to earn rewards with real-world value as they play video games.

Many gamers use P2E games as a source of passive income, unlike traditional gaming, which they do for fun without any monetary rewards.

This is why many gamers are flocking to the P2E sector with the hope of getting a piece of the crypto treasures buried in blockchain-based games.

As the play-to-earn sector continues to grow, users begin to join forces and form guilds – a new way of maximizing earnings in P2E games by pooling resources together which are in turn rented out to other players for revenue. As with any organization, guild leaders need to be able to effectively manage the activities of their factions in the P2E metaverse. But conventional solutions for accounting, payroll, and human resource management cannot effectively do the job due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain-based P2E economy.

This problem is what gDEX is aiming to solve with its newly designed Cross-chain Guild Management Tool.

What is gDEX?

gDEX is a decentralized finance (DeFi) gaming platform exchange that aims to empower gamers, creators, and guilds in the Metaverse. The project aims to unlock the true potential of the Metaverse with a unified GameFi layer enabling real interoperability.

gDEX’s primary goal is to provide a unified interoperability layer for GameFi and a suite of no-code chain agnostic tools and infrastructure  DeFi-fueled GameFi token economy that allows gamers, creators, and guilds to build, customize and play in the metaverse — all attached to their tokenized metaverse passport. Users will be able to maximize their value, NFTs, and experience in the metaverse through a unique tokenized metaverse passport.

In simpler terms, the project intends to be the central hub for creators, gamers, and guilds in the P2E economy. This way, Metaverse participants will be able to access the tools to create, play, trade, and earn using the gDEX platform. Users will be able to move their NFTs and tokens across blockchains, games, and metaverses through the interoperability layers attached to their tokenized Metaverse Passport.

While the full extent of the platform is under development, once gDEX launches, it will be available across multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and the Binance Smart Chain. This cross-chain functionality ensures that users can be onboarded onto gDEX regardless of their blockchain choices. At the same time, the project’s team has already signed numerous partnerships with games, guilds, and communities.

Introducing the gDEX Cross-chain Guild Management Tool

Gaming guilds are vital to the P2E economy. Unlike traditional guilds within games, which are composed of a group of players of shared interest, P2E guilds are business organizations that focus on profit.

These groups pool their resources together, such as NFTs required for certain games, then rent these NFTs out to aspiring players in exchange for a monthly return. This business model is similar to that of a taxi rental company, except instead of cars, it’s characters in a game.

Managing and tracking the activities of a clan, especially a large one, can be a tough job for guild leaders. But gDEX has developed a Guild Management tool to significantly reduce the burden for guild leaders.

The gDEX Guild Management Tool allows guild leaders to track and manage guild activities from a single platform across multiple games and chains. With this tool, guild leaders will be able to grow their community, maximize their earnings, issue unique Guild NFTs, track and manage their earnings and scholar activities, and improve member payroll and NFT rentals.

gDEX provides some of the following features for guilds:

  • Mange guilds across games and chains
  • Treasury dashboard with intelligent visualization, which provides detailed reporting on overall guild activity, revenue, and the ability to export to CSV.
  • Seamlessly distribute NFTs and tokens to registered guild members with the NFT multi-sender.
  • Generate and customize unique NFTs for guild members to hold as proof of membership.
  • Manage and track scholars and relevant guild accounts with an easy-to-use, intelligent dashboard.
  • Multi-level guild membership and scholarship access
  • Multi-sig gNosis integration

Interested participants can sign up for early access to the gDEX Guild Tool and be among the first to receive a metaverse passport.

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